Democracy or What?

Are we really a "democracy"?

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sunday, February 6, 2022
Democracy or What?

Hello, Everyone!

Later today, I will be submitting my next Letter to the Editor for
our local paper - The Laramie Boomerang. Before I send it out, however,
I will share it with Y'all. OK? That means before I send it to
the Laramie Boomerang, I might revise it a bit,
but it will be almost the same as what I will share with you.

What's it about? It is about my being serious about our theoretical ideal
as Americans of what we call a "democracy." What really is a
"democracy"? Is it government decided by a simple majority -
or something else? In my letter to the editor,
I ruminate, so to speak, about the issue. Read it if you like -
and comment as you like too. Alright?


On the home front, Nancy and I are doing alright.
At this time last year, I was considerably more concerned about Nancy
than I am now; and boy, am I glad for that!
At this time last year, Nancy was dealing with considerable discomforts
due mostly to internal bleeding from having to take blood thinner
for the clots in her heart; but that does seem to have been resolved
by taking various medications prescribed by her heart doctor.
In a C-Scan last December, they did find some fluid in her lungs,
but we hope that is not serious. It might turn out to be,
but we are watching it and Nancy will see a pulmonologist here in Laramie
on February 14th - Valentine's Day.

Given that our Valentine's Day checkup says it is alright,
Nancy and I plan on flying south to Georgia in April
to spend a few days with my youngest daughter, Melissa,
and her partner, Jeff, and my soon to be 3 year old granddaughter, Amelia.
Amelia will turn 3 on April 5th - and hopefully ole granddad here
will be there to see her light a candle and
blow her grandfather and grandmother a kiss.
Time will tell if we can arrange it,
but right now we are planning on it.

So, get ready Melissa & Jeff & Amelia!
We may be coming soon!

Now, it's time to get serious and consider my thoughts on democracy.
Again, respond as you wish. Alright?

Love You All!


Francis William Bessler and
Dear Supportive Wife, Nancy Shaw

Oh, by the way, hope some of you at least
are paying attention to my daily Twitter Tweets.
Here is my "tweet of the day."

God is more than just spirit.

He (It) must be matter too.

For how can it be different

if He (It) is all the truth.

The truth is in everything

and in nothing can be denied.

So, God must be matter

because matter is not a lie.

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SUBJECT: Rule by Minority – or Majority?

America claims to be a “democracy,” but is it really? Others may consider it different, but my idea of “democracy” is “rule by a simple majority” – that is a 50% + 1 type of idea. What, then, should a majority + 2 or more be considered? Let me come up with a word that is a vast generalization. Let us call a requirement of a majority + 2 or more a “vastocracy” – though such a majority may not be vast at all. It is just a word.

Now, what could we call “rule by a minority”? How about “minocracy”? Given that exploration of ideas, the U.S. Senate should be considered a “vastocracy” because to pass a law or to approve a notion before it, far more than democracy is required. Though an exception can be “carved out,” the Senate requires a 60% or more vote a requirement to approve a notion before it. Just how wise is that in a democracy?

Furthermore, the Republican Party of America does not like the idea of “democracy” either because it wants only some to vote, knowing that if all of a block were to vote, Republican candidates might not fare so well. So, in general, many Republican legislatures are trying to restrict voting by making it hard to vote by passing extra limiting measures and are thereby representing what I call a “minocracy” – or rule by a minority.

Really, does the Senate want to rule by “vastocracy” and require far more than a simple majority to approve a notion? And it should be noted that to require a “vastocracy” in the Senate is really to allow a minority to block a majority. How “democratic” is that?

Do the Republicans want to settle for rule by a minority of voters and thereby restrict legal adult citizens from voting? Is it a real democracy they want – or are they willing to override the notion and settle on rule by less than a majority? I believe in a democracy – or rule by a simple majority. What do you believe?