Goodbye, Hope!

Saying Farewell to a Brother Dog!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Goodbye, Hope!


Hello, Everyone!

Most of you never met her, but she was like one of our family
to us. So, it is worth memorializing her a bit.

Yesterday, we had Hope put to sleep. Hope has been a
wonderful pet for us since we picked her out of a range of dogs
at our local Animal Shelter in late Jan of 2013.
She was at least 7 when we brought her home
a little over 6 years ago. Nancy has really enjoyed
taking her and our other dog, Gypsy, for frequent walks
around here.

So, Hope was nearing 14 or so when we put her down
yesterday. We think she suffered a mini stroke a few nights
ago because she was rather disoriented at the end -
and often falling down from earlier disabling of hips.
Last November or so, Hope could not make it up our steps
out back. So we had a ramp put in for her. Thanks to that,
we probably extended her life by 6 months or so, but
life is all so temporary for all of us. Isn't it? We can delay
its ending for just so long.

Other than that, all is well. We are looking forward to
our flight on May 21st to daughter, Melissa's, home
in Ga - where she and Jeff live and are making a home
for our newest granddaughter, Amelia, who came aboard
a little more than a month ago - April 5th. We said Goodbye
to Hope yesterday - and will be saying Hello very soon
to Amelia - who turned 1 month old the very day, May 5th, Hope
had her mini stroke - if that is what she had.

About Hope's passing, we found it a bit sad because no one
likes to lose a friend, but being there for her final injection
and witnessing how easy we make it for our pets to go,
we were so pleased it could end that well. In that light,
no need for sadness - but a lot of delight that Hope will
be heading off to her own Doggie Heaven. Thankfully,
we had some time with Hope - and just as thankfully,
I am sure Hope is glad she had some time with us. We were
all a good fit, if you know what I mean.

We think Hope had a lot of Border Collie or so in her,
but she was a mongrel in that she was a mix of Border Collie
and something else. When we adopted her in Jan of 2013,
she was about 70 lbs, but she was only 50 yesterday
when she finally left us all behind for her own Doggie Heaven.
In her last several months, she was not eating well at all -
and that lent to a loss of weight - and probably
to her mini stroke of a few days ago.

Of course, we will miss her, but we sure are glad we
were together for a little while.

Bye for now! Be in touch!


Nancy and Will (Frank)