Goodbye, Joe - and Kurt & Michael!

Friends - Forever!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday, January 10, 2021
Goodbye, Joe - and Kurt & Michael!

Hello, Everyone!

Just to share some personal notes about death.
I learned a few days ago that one of my best friends,
Joe Edgar, passed away quietly on December 26th.
Joe was born on 4/30/1941, just a few months before me.
I was born on 12/3/1941.
Joe's wife, Faye, sent me a card noting Joe's passing.
Joe and I worked together for several years at Rocky Flats, Colorado
in the '70s - and have remained good friends since then.
Joe was my best man at my 3rd wedding.

I knew Joe quite well, but two others I did not know
who passed at the same time that Joe passed.
I learned in yesterdays local paper, the Laramie Boomerang,
that two who were twins passed away at their home in Cody, Wyoming
the day before Joe passed in Knoxville, Tenn.
Faye did not tell me what Joe passed from,
but the twins who passed at Cody, Wyoming
died from complications due to COVID-19.

Kurt and Michael Knight were born and raised in Louisiana,
but passed at the age of 61 in Cody, Wyoming.
Kurt was an employee at Cody Regional Health,
but the paper did not mention anything about Michael.
Personally, I am caught up more with their death
than their actual lives because I am impressed that
twins could be so bonded that they would die together -
though in separate bedrooms, according to the article I read about them.

But what a notion! Twins living and dying together.
I know it is sad that the death was from COVID-19,
but perhaps no sadder than whatever it was that took my friend, Joe,
who passed just about the same time.
I did not know Kurt and Michael in life,
but I do believe they are in a good place after this life
just as I believe that my friend, Joe, is in a good place too.

That is not to say that Joe was not in a good place in Knoxville
before he passed anymore than Kurt and Michael
were not in a good place in Cody where they lived.
But I believe that Joe and Kurt and Michael
are in a good place now because they were probably at peace
when they lived. I know Joe - and I know Joe was at peace in life,
but learning that two brothers bonded so well in life as did
Kurt and Michael that they lived and died together,
I believe Kurt and Michael were ready to go
and were at peace in their bonding with one another.

What is that to say to me?
Follow them - that's all.
Be at peace here and now where I live -
and it is likely that the same peace will follow me wherever I go.
Joe Edgar is at another place now -
as are Kurt and Michael Knight -
but as all three have gone, it is only a matter of time that I will go too -
as will all of us in our own time.

Go In Peace, Joe and Kurt and Michael!
Thanks for living the lives you did!
Perhaps in a next life, we will meet again,
but Kurt and Michael, maybe it will be during life
and not at an end. I hope so.

Love to All!


Francis William Bessler
and supportive wife, Nancy Shaw