Pondering Memorial Day


Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday, May 27, 2024
Pondering Memorial Day
Francis William (Will) Bessler (email: willieb@wyoming.com)
Websites: una-bella-vita.com and francisbessler.com


Hello, Everyone!

Just to be mindful of what Memorial Day means to me.
It means, in a way, that I should not be part of being honored
on such a day – simply because I could never be a soldier;
and soldiering seems to be what Memorial Day is all about.
Since I could never be a soldier because I do not believe in that
which a soldier has to allow – taking the life of another –
then I could never be a subject that could be honored on
Memorial Day.

And, for what it’s worth, I do not think Jesus could have been –
and be – a soldier either. Why? Because he opposed striking
back when he lived. He told Peter to put away his sword when Peter sought to challenge a Roman soldier who had come to arrest Jesus.
Jesus told Peter to put his sword away – and added
“those who live by the sword die by the sword.” That is only to say
If you approve of what another does and do it yourself,
then you will become that other. Does that make any sense?

It doesn’t to me – and even if Jesus did approve of it,
my heart and soul tells me it would not be right for me.
I don’t believe I should not strike back because Jesus told me
it is wrong. I believe it because I don’t believe it is right.

Speaking for myself, I could never intentionally strike another
person for whatever reason. I might strike another if caught
in an unexpected circumstance and I might lose my temper.
I can’t promise I would not do another wrong in such a situation,
but I could never set out with arm in hand, willing to shoot
another. I could never own a gun with an intention of using it
if confronted, know what I mean?

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody felt that way?
If nobody owned a gun, nobody would have reason to gun somebody
down – and Jesus and I know – Peace on Earth would be so much
better than warfare. But when will the world hear that message –
and tune into it? For what it’s worth, Jesus & I recommend it!

Let me leave you with a song I wrote about that matter a few years
ago. My Dear Departed Nancy, now a Wonderful Angel on the other side, would agree. Neither Nancy nor I believed in owning a gun –
and the last thing we would have is a gun that might hurt someone else.

I will leave it at that.


Francis William Bessler (Frank, Will)

Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

I own the world -
and I don't need a gun.
I'm one with the Moon
and I'm one with the Sun.
No one on Earth is
having more fun.
I own the world -
and I don't need a gun.

I'm one with the squirrels
and I'm one with the birds.
The rabbits and I
love the same world.
None of us possess a thing
but we all own it all
Being one with it
is just having a ball.

I own the world -
and I don't need a gun.
Rifles and bullets
appeal to me none.
Just let me be free
and with the wind run.
I own the world -
and I don't need a gun.

As it is with me,
it can be for you.
You need fear no one
to see your life through.
You can have it all
knowing Life itself is the Truth.
It only depends
upon your attitude.

You own the world -
and you don't need a gun
to stand tall
and know your God's son.
We are all the same -
each and everyone.
You own the world -
and you don't need a gun.

Repeat last verse twice, Then:
You own the world -
and you don't need a gun.
We own the world -
and we don't need guns.
Yes - we own the world -
and we don't need guns.