Including a "Modern Psalm"

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Hello, Everyone!

Happy Christmas to All! And Happy 2020 Too!

All is Well here at 4500 Meadowlark Lane here in Laramie. We do have our “elderly” health concerns, but we choose not to get into that here. Overall, we are physically healthy for our ages – Nancy at 87 and Francis (Will) at 78; but more importantly, we believe we are “spiritually” healthy as well. We both believe that the key for spiritual health is to maintain a sense of Gratitude for Life – which is only Being Thankful for all of our Blessings. Of course, we can do better in that regard; and we do pledge to try and do better in 2020. To end our Christmas letter, we will feature two poems that we think address “spiritual wellness,” as it were.

I must say 2019 has been very busy in terms of my publishing two final books. That makes 10; and I think that is enough. Don’t you? What happens with those 2 books – as well as the previous 8 – remains to be seen, but at least they are out there. Let’s just say “I’m working on it.” I am enlisting a promotion agency to help me in that regard, but time will tell if we succeed in our efforts. All of my books are available via Amazon. Just put my name, Francis Bessler, in an Amazon search bar – and you should be able to access all of them digitally and be able to order print copies as well.

To be truthful, when 2019 started, we had no intention of publishing more of my works of the past than we already had. That would have been 8 books; but Frank, our son-in-law on Nancy’s side – died on May 17th due to consequences of PTSD for having served in the Iraq war of the early ‘90s; and I decided that maybe I ought to do more in terms of publishing more of my past works. From that came 2 more books – KNOWING CHRIST and TRUE CHRISTIANITY. I won’t go into more details. Suffice it to say that both books address a different view of Jesus than that which traditional Christianity knows. If interested, pursue that tale as you wish. OK?

And as 2019 proceeded with a different plan than it started, in 2020, we are considering making available some past amateur DVD programs I have produced – mostly of me, ad lib, offering a view of life that I think Jesus promoted that says that Heaven is really at hand as well as extending beyond life, based somewhat on verses from the largely unknown GOSPEL OF THOMAS. The key is to realize that there is probably no more of the Divine after life than there is right now, here on Earth, at this very time – simply because a truly Infinite God must be present everywhere and always. If God is truly present everywhere and always, then God must be Here & Now. That is all there is to it. Or so, Nancy and I Believe. Thus, to really Praise God is simply to know yourself and everything and everyone around as “filled with God.” How Easy can it be?

Anyway, since we have some amateur programs I have camcorded in the past, if we can, we may make some of them available via Amazon. This is “new territory” for me to even consider such, but as 2019 ends, I am pursuing the possibility. Again, let’s just say “I’m working on it.” There is a part of me that wants to leave it with the books, but there is another part of me that speculates that maybe I ought to do more, know what I mean? I will leave further details “under my cap,” so to speak, but if interested, let me know - and if something becomes available, I will let you know. Alright? Time wise, I am shooting for Easter for having up to 10 DVD programs available via Amazon. I know that is a lot to shoot for, so to speak, but if we can, we will. Wish us luck! Alright?

I’m shooting for Easter partly because Easter (April 12th, 2020) is also our departed Mom’s birthday and our departed Mom & Dad’s Wedding Anniversary. It happens that two of my possible programs are about Easter. One I did from my home in Georgia at Easter in 1998 and Easter in 1999 I called FROM EASTER TO EASTER and one I did from my home in Laramie in 2002 I called THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL EASTER. That’s 2 of the 10 I want to submit. Time will tell if I can succeed; but for what it’s worth, I do intend on trying.

Be in touch!


Nancy Shaw – wife – and
Francis William Bessler – husband.
4500 Meadowlark Lane, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 Phone: 307-742-7428
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(Freedom’s Prayer)
Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

Our Loving God, My Generous God,
Holy is your name.
I thank you for my life and blessings.
That’s why I feel no shame.
Our Father, My Father -
Thy Kingdom’s here as well as there.
Thy will is only that I share –
what I am with the world.
Our Father, My Father -
To be forgiven, we must forgive;
that’s the only way peace can live.
Our Father, My Father -
I thank you for my daily bread.
My needs are simple – thus I do not dread.
Our Father, My Father -
To see only good is to allow no evil.
I pledge to you a life of no guile.
Our Father, My Father,
I will always be your child.
Our Father, My Father,
I will always be your child.

A Poem
Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

Praise the Infinite Presence in All.
Praise the Mystery of the Infinity
that exists everywhere and makes all that is, Holy.
Oh, Infinite Being or Presence,
Thanks so much for All You are
And all I am because You are in me.

Praise the sky,
for it is filled with vision.
Praise it as it extends for ever and ever and ever.
Oh, Infinite Sky, I look out into your vastness
and I experience a vast-less sense of existence
because a little of you is all of you
just as a little of me is everyone
because we are all alike.
Thanks, Infinite Sky, for filling me with awe.

Praise the Earth,
for it is part of the Infinity of Existence.
Praise the sands of the Earth,
for mixed with the waters of the Earth,
Life springs forth and abounds.
Oh, Plentiful Sands! Oh, Bountiful Waters!
Thank you for the life of All
that results when you combine.

Praise Divinity,
for It knows no limit and exists everywhere.
Praise Divinity, for It cannot be opposed
for It has no need to defend Itself
because It is everywhere.
Oh, Lovely Divinity, you can have no foe
and since I am an expression of You,
neither can I.

Praise Heaven,
for where It is, there can be no hell.
Praise a sense of Heaven,
for it is only being aware
that the Infinite & Divine abide everywhere.
Oh, Endless Heaven, Thank You for being here
where I am and wherever I may go.

Praise my soul,
for it allows me to retain tomorrow
an attitude I knew today.
Praise my soul,
for it is my investment in the present
and my promise for the future.
Oh, fantastic soul, thanks for letting me know today
and be secure in that knowledge tomorrow.
Thank you for the Infinite Presence within you
the Infinite Mystery in which you will always be,
and for being my own little infinite mystery
that will never end.