Separation from God must be Myth

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hello, Y'all!

Just to wish my youngest, Melissa Dawn,
a Happy 43rd Birthday today.
If our child turned out female,
her mother would choose the first name.
If our child turned out male,
her father would choose the first name.
Then the other parent would choose the middle name.
She turned out female.
So Pat chose Melissa as a first name.
If she had been male, he would have been a David.
I am not sure what Pat would have chosen for a middle name
if Melissa turned out to be male,
but as her father, I chose Dawn as a middle name
to suggest the "beginning of a new day."

So, Melissa Dawn, rather than David, turns 43 today;
and I have been trying to suggest we need a new day
since Melissa was born.
Melissa, I will continue trying to suggest to the world
that we got it all wrong by placing God outside of us
to enable being able to "ban us" as written in GENESIS.
I think it is truly sad that we have believed all these years
that God can be outside of us,
but that is how it was written in GENESIS -
and, unfortunately, what we have believed from the very beginning.
Melissa, Dad disagrees, but then you know that. Don't you?
God cannot be "outside of us" to enable banning us from His Presence
simply because God must be Infinite, meaning God must be everywhere.
How in the world can something that is everywhere
ban anything from His or Her or It's Presence?
Tell me that!

So, Melissa Dawn, I will keep trying to offer a different msg -
that God must be IN us and as such, We must all be Sacred.
If we only believed what must be true,
just think of the Paradise we would all be living in now.
But we can get it right by changing our perception of God;
and ole Dad here will keep trying to persuade the world
that GENESIS had it wrong. If I had been that author, though,
I would have probably made the same mistake because
it would have looked like I was standing on a flat earth
totally unaware that the Earth is really a round planet
revolving around a Sun - and that we are but part of a Grand Universe
totally immersed within a million galaxies without end.

Yes, Melissa, perception does make a difference.
I would have been wrong as the author of GENESIS was wrong
for not knowing how wrong it is to suspect anything can be outside
of an Infinite God. You have my pledge.
I will keep trying; and I know you will too.

Love Ya!

Have a Good One, Sweetheart!
I will leave you with my final song.
See below.

Dad & Nancy


Everyone is Good

for being part of

A Good Creation.

If Creation or Nature is Good,

Having an Infinite God Within,

So must be

everything and everyone

Within It!



Francis William Bessler

(My final song/poem – of 205)

April 25th, 2020 – May 23rd, 2020


Refrain should be sung

while verses should be recited.


There’s a new world coming

for those who are not blind.

There’s a new world coming

for those who open their minds.

There’s a new world coming

for those who realize

that we’re all part

of a Miracle called Life.

It’s good to keep in mind

that our Earth is but a spec

in a Grand Universe.

When death comes unexpectedly,

that should make a sense of death

a little less terse.

If we could travel to the great beyond,

we’d probably find it no better than here.

So, let’s live our lives

on this Great Planet Earth

with Deep Gratitude and Cheer.


I do believe mankind

has always found itself

greater than the birds;

and that is one reason

we have lost our way

in the greater world.

When we act like

we are better than a world

that surrounds,

that leads to a lack of empathy

and illness of mind

does confine and abound.


I also believe it is sad

that we fail to realize

that all must be Divine

simply because an Infinite God

in all must reside.

It cannot be that God

blesses some

and leaves others in a lurch

when, in truth, God must BE in All

and All must Be



Jesus said so long ago

that Heaven is at hand.

That is only because

no matter where we are,

God is leading that band;

but He is not out front

leading for us to follow.

Rather He is Inside of All

and beckoning us to mellow.



Let us all realize

we are but part

of a Wonderful Divine Mystery

and then no matter

how, when, and where we go,

we will leave behind us

a Fantastic History.

Refrain (3)