Happy Easter, 2014!/Good Luck, Taylor!

Taylor Is Perfect!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014
Happy Easter, 2014!/Good Luck, Taylor!
April 18th, 2014
Hello, Everyone,
Just to wish everyone a fine Easter weekend.  Today is what is called "Good Friday" - and I like to think of it as the day after "Good Thursday" and just before a day that could be called "Good Saturday".  Then will come "Good Sunday,"  followed by "Good Monday," etc.
Personally, I think that is what Jesus was all about - urging everyone to think of everyday as the same.  There is no "Bad Friday".  Is there?  Or "Bad Sunday".  Or Bad anyday of the week. 
If I were to meet my friend, Jesus, I am quite sure he would say - "Hey, Will, how are you doing?"  But he would expect me to say, "Just fine, Jesus, just fine!"  And then he would say, "Good for you!" and we would pass.  "Bye, Jesus, you have a good day too!"
And so it goes for me.  How about for you?
Have A Wonderful Easter!  And say hello to everyone you pass - just as if each of them is Jesus; and death should not change any of that either.  Was Jesus any different after his death than before his death?  I don't think so; and neither do I believe that any of us are any different before death than after death - or after death compared to before death.  Jesus did not change when he died; and neither will any of us; and that is the real meaning of Good Friday to me.  Death really changes nothing.  So why live in fear of it?  Again, that is what "Good Friday" means to me.
Have a Good Friday, a Good Saturday, and a Good Easter!  OK?
In passing, let me offer a note about a young lady named Taylor.  Taylor is a step granddaughter of my friend, Nancy Shaw.  On Feb. 22nd, Taylor - 20, I think - went for a jog in Boston hear a University she was attending.  I am not sure of why, but Taylor collapsed after her run.  Nancy thinks it was because of the cold air that she may have breathed on her run, but of that I am not sure.
In any case, Taylor collapsed after a run and spent some time deprived of oxygen before she could be aroused.  Deprived of oxygen like she was, her brain was injured; and she was committed to a hospital in Boston for a few weeks before being flown to a hospital for such cases located in Englewood, Colorado.  That hospital is called Craig Hospital - and slowly, Taylor seems to be recovering from her mishap - though it is uncertain how much she can recover.   Yesterday, Nancy called Taylor - and Taylor said "Hello".  That's progress.  Let us hope that in time Taylor Shaw will recover so she can say "Good Friday" to one of us - and then "Happy Easter!" too.
Good luck, Taylor!  Our hearts and souls are with you!  If anyone wants to monitor Taylor's progress, her parents, John and Kit Shaw, would welcome it.  If so, tap in taylorisperfect.org into your web address line - and Kit and John will keep you updated.  If you live near Denver, feel free to go by and say hello to Taylor at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado.  Go for it!
Bye for now!
Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming