There is NO SATAN!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Hello, Everybody,
Just to take a moment to wish everyone on my lists a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and WONDERFUL NEW YEAR - and to ponder the meaning of Christmas for me! 
About 2014, it has been a good year for me.  How about for you?  At this time last year, I had not even speculated on publishing a book, but as it happened, that did happen.  I collected a few of my essays of the past and threw them together with a few songs of mine of the past - and presto, a book: one I called WILD FLOWERS.  I have mentioned it many times before, but if you are interested into looking into my book, just go to my writings website - and there will be an link to it there.  OK?  
After WILD FLOWERS, what is in store?  I suppose I will try to promote WILD FLOWERS online - and give WILD FLOWERS away to others close at hand.  Feel welcome to recommend it yourself - if you think it worthy of promotion.  By my guest!  So far I have not attempted any online promotion via processes available to me, but I have given away over a hundred copies.  I will continue to give away copies - as I will also try to promote it online; and I will continue to add additional blogs to my writings website and continue to share ideas.  You can find this letter in my website as my most recent blog: JESUS IN CHRISTMAS!  GOD IN ALL!
Why do I care about sharing ideas at all?  Well, I see ideas as the foundation of truth - even as ideas are also the foundation of error.  Error and Truth are both rooted in ideas.  That's for sure; but be it Error or Truth that is achieved by ideas, I think it is really necessary to at least try to pursue the Truth through ideas.  Granted, there is no assurance that my ideas will amount to a conclusion in Truth, but without a doubt, if you do not have an idea, neither will you ever arrive at Truth.
Speaking of "ideas," lots of people are rooted in the idea of "division," I think.  They take that little idea and go full throttle with it.  Consequent to that, we have all sort of claimed "truths" that can not possibly be "true" if the foundation idea of "division" is wrong.  So there it is, one can follow an idea thinking it will lead to the truth - and all the while, it will only lead to "Error" - simply because the initial idea is flat out wrong.
I must admit that I started out in life grounded in the idea of division.  It took a while for me to wake up and realize that maybe my foundation had been wrong.  It took awhile for me to realize that maybe those who taught me about the "necessity of division" had been wrong.
The great division idea of the past has been that one we call God can be "divided" - or separated - from others.  That assumption that God can be divided - or separated - from at least some others has lead to the great "division" idea of Satan.  If God can be divided from others - or separated from others - then it follows that God can have some great "opponent."  With the idea of "opponent" in mind, there has come a thousand different factions that all claim that they are not on the side of God's "opponent" - headed by one that has been called "Satan" - but on the contrary, belong to the Great Kingdom headed by God.
From that, we have had many religions who all claim God as their father - or is that - FATHER?  They argue that with God as their "Father," who can stand against them?
But you see, it all began with the idea of "division."  All of the subsequent camp of Satan arguments stem from that one little idea; and if that idea is not true, what then?  All who believe that God can actually be separated from anything go on to actually falsely "worship" an imagined opponent of God called Satan. 
Yes, I was once one of those who believed that a Satan could actually exist; but then one day long, long ago in my early '30s (and I have now just turned 73), it dawned on me that the only way that God could have any opponent at all is that it must be possible for God to be separated from others.  Once I finally realized that it simply can't be so that God could be separated from anything - thus negating the grand idea of "division" - I told my ole "foe," Satan to take a walk; and from that time, I have been free.
There are so many who believe that God can be separated from others, though, all because they have been rooted in the false idea of "division."  I must admit it is a terribly forceful idea in that it seems it must be so.  Division is obvious.  Animals are divided from Birds; and Birds are divided from Fish.  It is obvious that Humans are divided from all other members of Nature.  It is then obvious that God must be separated - or divided - from all.  If God must be divided from at least some, then it follows that there must be someone who can "oppose" God.
If you take the "idea" of UNITY, however,  you cannot conclude with the existence of "opposition."  That goes to show how important ideas really are.  One can lead to Error; and the other can lead to Truth.
But why can't God be separated from me or you or anything?  Because God must be Infinite - or simply Everywhere.  If God is really Everywhere, how can anything be separated from God?  Tell me that. 
I have often claimed that the single greatest idea of my life has been the IDEA OF INFINITY.  When I ponder the reality of existence and imagine that there might be an end to it somewhere, I am "commanded" to know that it can't be so.  If I cannot imagine an end to reality, how, then can there be some place where the "reality" of Infinity ends?  If Infinity cannot end, then neither can it be "divided."  How can you divide something that has no ends?  Thus, there can be no Good over here and Evil over there - simply because, in the end, there is really NO DIVISION between Infinity and anything within it; and "Infinity" is just another word - OR IDEA - for "God."
Too heavy, huh?  Mind boggling, right?  Crazy, for sure?  Well, maybe!  And maybe not too.
It has been argued by billions that Jesus came as "The Son of God" to restore mankind to God; but that notion has been advanced and is being advanced by those who believe in the "idea of division."  Idealists of Division first believed that division from God is possible - and then proceeded to dictate the notion as dogma.  From that, Satan was born.  The notion of Division or Separation was defined as a Kingdom; and that "kingdom" was given a leader, one the proponents of division call "Satan."  It has been argued by the believers of Satan - or that Satan can exist - that Jesus came to "oppose" God's great opponent, Satan.  But I doubt that Jesus even believed there could be a Satan, let alone came to defeat such a one.
In "truth," Jesus probably was - and is - just a simple man that a lot of "division" proponents fit into their "division game."  If division of God from anything is an impossibility, though, perhaps it is time that we finally got it right - and got Jesus right in the process.
There is NO SATAN because God cannot have any opposition.  If we are wise, we will find another explanation or definition for Jesus other than "Messiah of God" or "Opponent of Satan."  So, let us keep Jesus In Christmas, alright; but let us realize that keeping JESUS IN CHRISTMAS is nothing more than keeping GOD IN ALL - and Everything as The One It Really Is!
I bid you Farewell - and a very Merry Christmas and a Truly Jesus Minded 2015!
Francis William Bessler