We Are All Equally Creatures

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015




(Including Song:

 Fellow Creatures)


Francis William Bessler

Laramie, Wyoming



       As I have often admitted, I love being part of that which is called Creation.  Since I regard Creation in general so highly, I love being a creature.  I think, though, that most people lose sight of their being a member of Creation by accenting some citizenry and paying little if any attention to their being a creature.

       The way I see it, one should treasure most that which continues the most.  I will always be a creature - and during any one life - always be the same creature; but my "citizen" definition can change and even end with death.  If I do have a soul - or am a soul - then with death my soul will go on beyond death; but most importantly, my soul, too, is a "creature" - in that it is an expression within Creation.  Loving Creation In General, then, is the best thing I can do to be secure. 

       So, why should I put any emphasis on something about me that will end?  Or at least, why should I put "more emphasis" on being a citizen and not a creature?  Today, I am an American because I proudly live in America.  Tomorrow I might be a Russian - if I move there.  The day after tomorrow I might become a Syrian - if I choose to move there - for whatever reason I might choose to move to Russia or Syria.  By putting the emphasis of my definition on being a "citizen" over being a "creature," the most important aspect of my life becomes dependent upon "where I live" - not what I am.  Is that wise?  I don't think so.

       Personally, I have lived and learned in life to love unity much more than division.  I find myself the happiest when I look at all of Creation as if none within Creation is any better than anything else in Creation - including me.  That is, I am happiest when I see myself as equal to all else in Creation.  I am happiest when I emphasize "what we all are" as opposed to what some of us are that others of us are not.

       And why not?  Why in the name of good sense should I want to divide Creation into various sectors of some assumed value - or values?  What will that gain me in the end - but a lot of heartache and sadness and unhappiness?  Why?  Because it is painful to divide; and when I fall subject to those terrible ills of division and heartache and sadness and unhappiness, then in my mind, I am capable of any number of atrocities.  One in pain is capable of all sort of "painful behavior."  Right? 

       What do I want to become in life?  For me, the answer is I want to become happy; and I know that happiness is mainly dependent upon my loving that which I am; and first and foremost that which I am is a creature.  I can cease any citizenry, but I can never cease being a creature.  Thus, my emphasis should be on my "creature-hood" - not any "citizen-hood."    

       What would be my alternative - to close my eyes and pay no attention to the amazing reality that I am?  Some would argue that no one is amazing because all that is in Creation falls short of amazing because somehow Creation is set apart from the Divine.  Well, if you believe that, then you can't believe you are amazing - or that I am amazing; but if, in fact, Creation is not set apart from God and is really equal to God for being one with God, then Creation itself must be Amazing because the God that is in it is Amazing.  Right?

      Now I am not arguing that I should not be proud of being a citizen of this or that.  I am only arguing that if I am wise, I will not accent any citizenry over pride in simply being a creature.  My being amazing is not that I am a citizen of this or that, but that I am a creature.  Every creature is amazing, but not every citizen is amazing.  Right?

       Be amazing, then, by knowing you are amazing because of your very nature.  Love your little nature because it is only an expression of All of Nature - and of God.  God is not a "Person," but rather a "Divine Presence" that makes Every Creature Amazing!

       Or so I Believe!  How About You?


Note: This article is the latest blog in the blog feature of my website.  It concludes with a song - FELLOW CREATURES.  See that song there if you like.




Fellow Creatures

A song (poem) by

Francis William Bessler



Good Morning, Fellow Creatures!

How are you today?

I greet you, Fellow Creatures

as I go along my way.

Don't be sad, Fellow Creatures.

Hold your heads up high.

Be Happy, Fellow Creatures,

knowing we are all Divine.


Good Afternoon, Fellow Creatures!

Look up into the sky.

Look upon your Fellow Creatures

as they gracefully fly so high.

You're like those birds, Fellow Creatures,

but your wings belong to them.

Fly with your Fellow Creatures

and the wind will be your friend.


I think it's sad that people think

that God's outside of them.

It's sad that people think

that they are full of sin.

God is not a Person,

but rather a Presence that's in All.

So, be proud you're a creature.

Stand up and be tall.


Good Evening, Fellow Creatures!

Take your dogs for a walk.

For dogs are Fellow Creatures.

Why not listen to them talk?

Be mindful of your Fellow Creatures

and their joy will belong to you.

Know we are all Fellow Creatures

and we will all know the truth.


Good Night, Fellow Creatures!

It's time to close our eyes.

Let us dream, Fellow Creatures

of things that are sublime.

Let me say, Fellow Creatures

that I'm so in love with you.

I'm so glad we're Fellow Creatures

as I bid to you, Adieu!


Yes, I'm so glad we're Fellow Creatures

as I bid to you, Adieu!

Good Night, Fellow Creatures -

and sweet dreams to you!