Welcome to THE STORY OF LOVE!/Happy Birthday, Desi & Kelisha!


Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday, June 4, 2021
Welcome to THE STORY OF LOVE!/Happy Birthday, Desi & Kelisha!

Hello, All!

An accomplice, Spencer, and I just finished putting out my THE STORY OF LOVE
on YouTube. A few days ago, we put out a video called CELEBRATING LIFE -
WITH A WEDDING THROW IN. That one is a video of my wedding of 4/28/18 -
or rather Our Wedding - that of Nancy and me. We are including it because
it offers commentary and song - mostly original - about my theme of life
that All Life is Divine and Worthy simply because an Infinite God must be IN it,
not outside of it as so much traditional thinking has claimed. Spencer and I
have yet to put out volumes 5 and 6 of THE STORY OF LOVE, but plan on doing so
next Friday if all goes well; but volumes 5 and 6 are really appendages and
need not be included. I probably will not note when volumes 5 and 6 are done
and will let you find them when they are done - if that is of any interest.

THE STORY OF LOVE is a multi album presentation originally comprised on VHS tape,
then converted to DVD - and now converted to YouTube.
Needless to say, all of my programming is for a restricted audience -
simply because many - if not most, including much of family -
consent to a belief that God is Outside of us and we need to appeal
to that God to be saved and made worthy. I disagree - and I think that most
conflict in this world is due to just that notion - that God is a person outside of us
rather than a Presence within us. When we think of God as "outside" of us,
that leads to one of us being "selected" by God and others of us "rejected."
And therein is the story of widespread conflict in this world -
one of us thinking we are closer to God than others. That makes
for a sense of division - and then it is conflict, conflict, conflict.
Just look around and witness all sort of division - and one of us
thinking we are better than others. THE STORY OF LOVE
and CELEBRATING LIFE offer alternative notions.

Having said that, Have at it if you wish. Just go to YouTube,
Enter Francis Bessler in the search bar - and review the descriptions
and decline if you choose to bypass a tour of something,
but tap on a selection if you choose to take a chance. OK?
My programming is only fair at best because my talents are such,
but if you can handle "fair," BE MY GUEST.


Completing this, I would like to wish my oldest granddaughter, Desiree,
a Happy 33rd birthday today and another granddaughter, Kelisha,
and Happy 32nd birthday on June 10.
Happy Birthday, Desi and Kelisha! Hope you enjoy somewhat
the YouTube products your granddad is sharing as of today.

Love Ya!

Be in touch - one and All!


Francis William Bessler -
and supportive wife, Nancy Shaw