If They Think Vaccine Mandates are Wise!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Hello, Everyone!

Again, just to share a letter to the editor I just sent to our local Laramie Boomerang.

My daughter-in-law, Debbie, Nancy's daughter, who will turn 56 on 9/22/21,
just spent a week with us. That was good, but just before she arrived,
I came down with a bad cough. No big deal, but even though we have
received the COVID vaccines, I decided to have a COVID check anyway.
It turned out negative, but the possibility made me even more aware
of what the world is going through now in having to deal with this pandemic.

As you may know, I submitted a letter to the editor a few weeks back
about that issue, basically asking those who have not received the vaccine 
why they oppose it. Now I am submitting a new letter asking our Governor Gordon
why he is opposing current federal vaccine mandates - as he is planning on doing.

Hey, Fall is Here! Hope the snow does not fall too soon,
but we will try to enjoy what comes, whatever comes.

Love You All!


Francis William Bessler and
Dear Wife, Nancy Shaw


It is my impression that Governor Gordon is thinking about calling our legislature into special session to discuss how to challenge federal vaccine mandates – of course relating to the current COVID epidemic.

For what it’s worth, Governor Gordon and coordinates, ask the hospitals in our state – and perhaps other states – just how wise it is to defy vaccine mandates when by doing so you are literally causing our hospitals to be overwhelmed with terrible cases of COVID that could have otherwise been avoided if people had only taken a free vaccine? Just how smart is that?

I have a daughter-in-law who works in a hospital in Oregon and that hospital is being overwhelmed with cases of COVID whose victims are mostly among the unvaccinated. Debbie says it is absolutely heart rendering to see people suffer so much – and most of that suffering could have been avoided if victims had only taken a vaccine that is both free and effective. Shouldn’t that tell you something, Governor Gordon, about how you should deal with current vaccine mandates? Why oppose something that could free our hospitals of having to deal with sickness that could have been avoided?

Think about that when you decide how you should deal with current mandates. If I were you, I would not only comply with those mandates, but also consider other state-wide mandates. Think about how you could help our hospitals to not have to deal with a terrible sickness that does not have to be. At least that is how I see it.

But again, don’t listen to me. Ask the hospitals what they think because it is our hospitals and health care professionals who have to deal with your decisions. OK? Maybe they will agree with you if you choose to defy mandates for whatever reason or reasons, but at least, CONSULT THEM. Alright?