Cars - and Bodies

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014


A Traveling Soul


Francis William Bessler

Laramie, Wyoming



       I am reminded of the idea that I am a "traveling soul" - as is each and everyone of us - by virtue of a recent experience.  On October 22nd, a few days ago, I finally traded an old car in for another "pre-owned" car because my old car kept dying on me.  My old car was a 1999 Hyundai Sonata - which I had owned since buying it used in 2000.  My "new" car is a 2011 Nissan Versa; but that which is common between my old and new car is that neither is - or was - just another car. 
       You see, I believe it is a good idea to remind myself of my basic beliefs; and so I have used my cars to do that by attaching various "reminder decals" here and there on my car.  Thus, my cars are not just cars for me.  They are ways to remind myself of my beliefs - and maybe share those beliefs with a few others too who happen to see my car - or cars.

       Specifically, I believe that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE AN INFINITE GOD IS IN IT.  So that message has been attached in a decal to past and present cars.  On the other side of my car, I have installed this decal: ENJOY LIFE BECAUSE GOD IS IN IT!  My short reminder of that is a little phrase - BELLA VITA - meaning "beautiful life" in Italian.  Thus, BELLA VITA has been attached in a decal to past and present cars too. 

       No, I am not Italian, but I got the idea of ascribing the name "Bella Vita" to my main belief in life by virtue of an Italian movie of 30 years or so ago called "Bella Vita."  In a way, I stole the name and have labeled my cars with it since then - back in the early '80s or so.  Ideas, I think, are important - and the tag - or idea - of Bella Vita says it all to me.  Life is beautiful, not because of what I may make of it or perhaps add to it, but because it is simply an astounding expression within an Amazing Creation.

       In fact, my website is named likewise - after the idea of "Bella Vita."  Check it out - www.una-bella-vita.com.  I wanted to name it "bella-vita.com," but when my web team designed my website in late 2012, "bella-vita" had already been taken as a domain name.  So, I affixed "una" in front and the result is "una-bella-vita" - one beautiful life.

       I say that I attach decals with various messages to my car for my own sake - to remind myself of my ideas; however every now and then someone will tell me how much they appreciate my "reminder" messages.  In that, I feel like I am somewhat of an ambassador for my ideas too - by the messages on my car - or cars.


Cars - and Bodies


       Anyway, what I am meaning to say by this meandering chit-chat is that life for me is a lot like owning a series of cars.  When one car goes bad, another one simply replaces it; but one car is the same as another in terms of being a "vehicle" for life.  It is important, however, to realize that both old and new cars should be seen as gifts - as "donated" ways for me to go from one place to another.  Never mind that I may have bought both of my two previous cars.  I do not look at that aspect of it.  I look at my cars as being bountiful ways to transport my body - and my soul.

       In a very significant way, I think, our cars are like our bodies.  Both take "our souls" for a ride; or at least that is how I see it.  I try not to take either my car or my body for granted, however; and there is a very definite correlation between car and body.  In 2000 when I bought my 1999 Hyundai in Georgia where I was living, it was somewhat new and very able, but in time, it grew old and I had to replace it with something new - or at least, "newer."

       I think it is that way too for my soul - related to my body.  I came into this life as a soul in need of a body.  Lo and behold, one came my way by virtue of the marriage of a Leo & Clara Bessler.  I was the 7th child of that marriage; but at one time, I did have a "new body."  In time, however, that body has grown older and older and older; and someday, it, too, will have to be "replaced."  That is just the way it is.

       But it is all so wonderful when you think about it - if you take the time to think about it.  Many, of course, pay no mind to seeing their cars as gifts for transportation  - or their bodies as gifts for soulful expression; but whether they think about it or not, I do believe they are just that - mediums of use; and the wise will realize that - and be appreciative.


Yesterday, Today,

and Tomorrow!


       There is a wonderful lesson, here, though.  Be it changing cars or changing bodies, it is likely that my soul will stay the same.  When I had my old 1999 Hyundai Sonata, I was the same as I am today in my "new" Nissan Versa.  Yesterday, I drove a Hyundai.  Today, I am driving a Nissan.  Tomorrow, I may trade my Nissan for a Dodge - or Chevrolet or Ford or whatever; but in it all, I am the "same" person - or will be the same person.  Right?

       Whether we realize it or not, I think Life is like that.  Our souls stay the same - regardless of medium.  In life terms, I may have been a "Bella Vita" lad or lass in my last life - and probably was.  Consequently, I AM a Bella Vita person in this life; and very probably, will be a Bella Vita lass or lad in the next life.  That is the "evidence" that all of us can take from life.  Regardless of vehicle, we stay the same - unless and until we choose to change.  Right?

       Why is there such rage and hate in the world today?  Because there was such hate and rage in the past - and those who insisted on their rage and hatred in a past life are just continuing being themselves in this life.  Why do some men choose to rape unsuspecting ladies?  Probably because they chose to rape - or pillage - others in a last life.  In a way, they know nothing else.

       Why do some demand that they have enemies in this life?  Probably because they lived their last life needing enemies and will likely die this time around still needing enemies.  Then, of course, upon rebirth, they will once again need enemies.  Some people just cannot abide living without enemies and think that life should be lived to "overcome" enemies.  Well, that is an option of vision, for sure, but personally I do not choose that option.  To a great degree, to each his or her own.  If you think you cannot do without enemies, there are a lot of folks needing you as an enemy too.  So, be happy needing and being an enemy - if that is what you choose.

       Without a doubt, of course, it is not as simple as that; however, I think it is basically true.  Anyone can find an enemy without "needing" one, but for sure if you do need one, you will surely find one because that is your objective in life.  That, I believe.  It is true, too, that I may find an enemy lurking about without needing one, but if I should find such, then it should be for me to treat that one who would be my enemy as my friend.  That course of action may not result in that one being a friend, but it would secure me as not being an enemy to that other.  Who knows?  By lending a hand in friendship to one with a knife in some degree of anger, I may even convince that one that anger is not the way to go.  Perhaps, huh?

       Why do some men - and women - insist on "owning others" in this life?  Probably because they did the same in the last life.  Owning others - or owning property - seems to appeal to a whole lot of folks in this life, but it has never meant anything to me.  Yes, I do "own" in this life - like I "own" my new Nissan; but I do not see my "ownership" of my Nissan like I can't live without my Nissan.  Tomorrow, my Nissan may go, but my love of life will not simply disappear because I lost my Nissan.

       It's that way, too, with friends, I think.  I can - and should - cherish every friend I have; but I should not depend upon any of my friends to love life.  I loved my Hyundai too, but I did not depend on it to love life.  The proof of that is that it is now gone, but has my love of life disappeared?  I can assure you it has not - disappeared, that is.

       And when my new Nissan has become old and useless, will I be changed?  Of course not.  But if I live my life like threat against my Nissan is a threat against me, woe is me.  I might even kill some one who "dares to steal" my precious Nissan.  Now how idiotic would that be; but many in this world do that every single day of their lives.  They live life like their Nissans are their very lives; and if one is lost, so would be the other.

       Yes, I intend to love my "new" Nissan, but I will not depend on it for a love of life; and in some tomorrow, when time comes to say goodbye to an "old Nissan," I will simply tell the other car goodbye and will open myself to a new one that will come my way. 

       The amazing thing about life, I think, is that we can always secure tomorrow by treating our lives today like they do not have to last, but loving them so much for what they are in a present; and when tomorrow does come - be it another day in this life or another life in another body - well, we will always be ready to continue on in peace and harmony.  Won't we?  That is, if today, we insisted on living in peace and harmony.

       And that is why Today is so very important.  It is not only for Now.  It is also for Tomorrow - for how we live today, we will only inherit our selves tomorrow.  How Lovely it is, though - to know that a future me is strictly dependent upon a present me and not much else.  It is, then, for me to be the person today I would love to be tomorrow.

       At least, that is how I see it.  How about you?


       With that, this ongoing "Bella Vita" lad says, Adieu!  Watch for me in my brand new "pre-owned" Nissan Versa.  I wonder if the previous owner enjoyed it half as much as this new owner will.  Wave at me, if you like, as I pass when I remind both of us that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE AN INFINITE GOD IS IN IT!

       BELLA VITA!  CELEBRATE LIFE BECAUSE IT IS A GIFT!  That is what I Believe because I see no evidence in Creation that created things lack beauty - including you and me.  Indeed, we should see each other as Gifts to one another simply because Life Itself is a Gift.  So from one of Life's Gifts to another: BELLA VITA!



Your Bella Vita host,

Francis William Bessler