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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming
9/22/2017 - 9/24/2017

In 1983, I wrote a song that I called "Lift Your Spirits High." I will feature that song below, but the refrain goes like this: You gotta lift your spirits high, no matter what happens. You gotta lift your spirits high - and let your facades die. Be easy with your lover - and others do not despise. Be kind to your neighbor - and watch your spirits rise."

Thirty-four years later, I still believe it. I still believe that life is really easy as long as I do not make it hard. I think that people make life hard by believing it should be hard. How many times have you heard: Nothing worth while is easy - or the like? We have been taught that life should be hard; and that is why so often it is hard. We make it hard in order to fulfill our destiny - or destinies, as it were.

When I was a kid, I was told that life is a veil of tears, even though that was followed with: but be encouraged, it will be just fine in some Heaven beyond. No more tears then. All things will be made easy. Struggles will be no more; and happiness will abound. That is, if I accept that life is now supposed to be a struggle and is supposed to be a "veil of tears."

I don't believe it! I am not quite sure why other people do believe it, but I am certain I do not believe it. Why in Heaven's name should life be hard if life itself is a gift? Why in Heaven's name should life be hard if life itself is a genuine wonder? Why in Heaven's name should life be hard if life itself is amazing?

But that is just it. Isn't it? Life is not seen as simply a gift. Life is not seen as a genuine wonder; and Life is not seen as amazing. Life is not what I think it really is.

What is shame but treating life like it is not a gift, treating life like it is not a genuine wonder, and treating life like it is not amazing? Shame is the exact opposite of living life like it is worth embracing. Shame is saying to life - hey, what the hell are you doing here? What the hell am I doing here - living in you?

In truth, however, shame is the pathway to Hell. No one in "Heaven" is ashamed of what they are. Everyone in "Hell" is ashamed of what they are - or if not ashamed of what they are, ashamed of what they are doing in it.

In my song below, I say that I must lift my spirits high and let my facades die? What is a "facade"? For me, it is anything I can use to pretend that I am not good - or worthy. A facade is any cover or excuse that I might stretch over life - be it my life or life in general - that I can use to justify my not having to embrace it as a gift; but for those of us who believe that life is worthy in and of itself, there is no need for any facades. Is there?

Heavenly Now!

Another song I wrote long ago, just a year before I wrote "Lift Your Spirits High" is a song I called "Smallest Little Atom." In that song, I equate God with Reality, in a way, by claiming that God must be in the "smallest little atom" as much as God must be in the "biggest, biggest star." The reason for that is God must be Infinite if God is at all.

In truth, it is because I have first believed that God must be in all - and, of course, in me - that I have decided that life - whatever it is - must be worthy and wonderful and lovely and awesome. How can life not be worthy and wonderful and lovely and awesome if it is of God? Tell me that. Never mind the excuses we offer to deny it is what it must be. When I take off the clothes that humanity has decided must be a "facade" to cover a gift it wills not to accept as a gift, then I become by acknowledgement the "worthy one" I want to become in some fantastic - and probably fantasy - Heaven beyond.

Why in Heaven's name should I wait to become "Heavenly"? Why can't I become Heavenly Now? Why should I yield to others who insist on living behind one facade or another? Why should I accept that my life is not worthy as it is? Why should I practice what could be called "insanity" to please an "insane world"?

Everybody wants to love God, but few realize that to love God, they must love themselves because they are of the God they want to love. It is as simple as that - at least for me. I willingly admit that I am a "nudist" in that I live without clothes as much as possible, but I am not so much a "nudist" as I am a "grateful son of God" - or perhaps better put - a "grateful son in God." I admit that I am what others call a "nudist" because that is what they see when they see someone without clothes. They see a "nudist" because they want to see something other than what they are. So they put on clothes to cover up the life they should be embracing without shame and claim they are "righteous."

But like I say in another of my songs, "The Same" - People think they

need to be different in order to make life of consequence; but no matter how much they insist it’s so, underneath, they’re the same in Nature’s clothes. Little do "facade people" know that insisting on "being different" is "THE" reason that they never accept the wondrous creature that they are. In looking at how different we all are, they concentrate on that and overlook how alike we all are. They separate themselves from Life itself by focusing on their differences and by so doing, separate themselves from the "Different Person" God they claim they adore. The God they adore becomes simply one of them - and not the IT it really is. This, I Believe!

The Lessons of Pictures

One of the reasons I think that historic humanity has not realized its own wonder is that for most of history, humanity has not been blessed with pictures. Moses never saw a picture - or himself in a picture - or anyone else in a picture. Did he? Peter never saw a picture - or himself in a picture - or anyone else in a picture. Did he? Mohammed never saw a picture - or himself in a picture - or anyone else in a picture. Did he?

I think that is why so many who have declared God to be a Person have done so in the past. They simply failed to realize that God could not be one of them; and then in making God one of them, they have done to God as "one of them" what they have done to themselves all their life - or lives. People judge. Therefore, as one of them, Moses and Peter and Mohammed all contrived a God who must judge.

So that is the image that most people have of God - a Judge; but it is not the image I have of God. In fact, I have learned to have "no image" of God because I don't think God can have an image. When the one who wrote Genesis claimed that "God made Adam in his own image," he was only failing to accept that God does not have an image. God cannot have an image - or be an image - because God must be Infinite. How can something "without an image" because It is endless and without confines create "something in its own image" when it does not Itself have an image?

But what does that have to do with Moses being ignorant because he had no pictures to assess himself or his fellow man? Well, let me simply argue that having access to pictures is a terrific advantage to the learning process. Let me simply argue that all those historic people who were trying to judge life and assess life itself lacked such an advantage; and because of lacking that advantage, more than likely, they assumed things that are not so - such as being different is somehow wrong or that being the same means that God has to be the same too - a person like them.

Pictures tell it like it is - if we look at them. If all of those who contrived a "Personal God" had the advantage of a picture, what is the possibility they would have failed to know that it is absurd to see God as "one of them"? Given that they thought at all and realized that existence itself is probably infinite in terms of being without end, how could it have been likely that Moses would have contrived Infinity and God both to be a person when a person is limited and an Infinity is not?

Pictures are wonderful because they make us pause to look at them; and in pausing to look at them, we can study them; and if we study them, we can learn. As a dedicated student of life, I have long taken to pictures - and looking at them and learning from them. What have I learned? I have learned many things, but the most basic thing I have learned is that being different is as wondrous as being the same; and we as humans are both the same as each other and different from one another.

But what is the "general lesson" to be learned from the idea that being different is as wondrous as being the same? It is that I am likely to stop right there - and not have reason to look beyond to find some greater expression of truth. Yes, Moses could have determined that both the Egyptians and Jews were of equal stature just by being observant without a picture, but my argument is that if he had a picture of both Egyptian and Jew standing side by side, it would have made all the difference in the world. In not having the advantage of having a picture in front of him of an Egyptian and a Jew standing side by side, he could not "study" their true images and declare that they really were no different.

So, what did Moses likely do? He declared his ignorance of mankind to be the truth. That which he saw was limited - limited to Egyptian and Jew being separate - and therefore, "different." Being different, then, became his obsession - and his truth - when, in truth, Egyptian and Jew were not at all different in terms of the basic nature and worth of each. Were they?

Now, go forward. Assuming that Egyptian and Jew were really different - and being different became the obsession - Moses likely contrived a God that was a Person like he was that could side with the Jews and against the Egyptians; but it was the appearance of "difference" that led Moses to make that an issue in the first place. If Moses had been blessed with a picture of himself as a Jew and another as an Egyptian in front of him for him to study, then it is unlikely he would have concluded as he supposedly did that a Jew is better than an Egyptian "for being different."

And if Moses had not concluded that there is really any significant difference between a Jew and an Egyptian, he would not have needed to foment a Personal God to favor one over the other. Would he have?

Accordingly, one could argue - as I am doing - that a picture is worth a thousand words, as it is said. Without a picture of both Jew and Egyptian to study and compare one with the other, Moses likely assumed ideas that actually conflicted with the truth.

But modern mankind has had the advantage of pictures! Why, then, has modern man believed what Moses taught? The answer to that is that modern man has believed what Moses taught simply because it has "learned" by dictation what Moses taught and therefore has felt no urge to "learn" otherwise. So, even though modern man has the advantage of having both Jew and Egyptian standing side by side in a single picture, it has not learned that Jew and Egyptian are really the same because it is assumed beforehand that they are not. Therefore, an errant idea contrived by an ignorant humankind has continued to be "eternal truth" - and "what was written" has been enshrined forever to be the standard that all must follow. Imagine that!

So, I am arguing that because mankind has assumed an inequality that does not really exist, it has "contrived" a Personal God that favors inequality - and has simply ignored the probable truth of an Impersonal, All-Infinite, God that cannot take sides by Its very nature - not His very nature. People who are limited take sides. An Infinite Unlimited Reality cannot.

But was the God of Moses an Infinite Unlimited Reality? Of course not! The God of Moses was one like Moses simply because Moses needed such a God in order to preserve the inequality in which he was led to believe by his ignorance of the truth. What truth? That Jew and Egyptian are really no different at all; and therefore, one need not be favored over the other.

My, My - what difference a picture makes - Huh? And if Moses, a Jew, had not needed and contrived a Personal God, then neither would have Jewish Peter; and Peter and his boys would not have needed to make Jesus "The Son" of their Personal God; and Jesus would have been handed down as one who is just like all of us - A Child (or Son) of The Living One - just as was indicated in THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THOMAS.

Let me put it this way. In Verse 37 of that gospel - that was banned by "Personal God" idealists in the 4th Century -
His disciples said: When will Thou be revealed to us and when will we see Thee? Jesus said: When you take off your clothing without being ashamed, and take your clothes and put them under your feet as the little children and tread on them, then shall you behold the Son of the Living One and you shall not fear.

An Ideal Worth Living

And in a very significant way, that is why I have no problem with nudism too; and it's why I have chosen to be one - a nudist, that is; and having been a nudist for most of my life, let me recommend it as an ideal. Nudism simply shows it like it is - without shame - and for one like me who believes that Jew and Egyptian are equal and that Jew and Christian are equal and that Jew and Muslim are equal and Jew and Hindu are equal and that male and female are equal and that black and white are equal - in terms of worth - then why not declare that sense of equality by showing the truth - and not hiding behind a facade of clothes that teaches inequality, not equality.

That is not to say that I pay no attention to being different. In fact, having assumed that being The Same is far more significant in terms of realizing worth than being different, oh, how have I learned to love the difference in us as well. What a wonder it is that we are all different - not in worth - but in features! If we were all the same in features, I strongly suspect that I would not realize how wonderful being the same really is; but having before me the first truth that there can be no difference in worth between male and female or black and white or child and adult because an Infinite Unlimited God must be in All, I can cherish the variety in existence so much more.

In truth, there is only "one me" in the entire world. So, why not celebrate that distinction as much as I celebrate that my "one me" is the same in worth as any other person - or entity in this world? Let me exult that I am not like any other man - in terms of features; and let me praise my individual existence as I praise the inexplicable Infinite Unlimited God that must be Present in All.

Keep in mind, however, that I am only saying it like I Believe it. It is not for me to insist that anyone follow my path or trail or example. My life is my own - as I say below in another of my songs by the same name; and your life is your own. If I were to insist that you be like me, then that would take the ease out of my life and make me a "judge" to follow; but being a judge who commands would tie me down to having to spend my energy controlling others; and control itself is just another of mankind's great facades.

Why in Heaven's name would I choose such an encumbrance?

I leave you to my songs of mention. Enjoy them as it suits you. OK?

Francis William Bessler

Smallest Little Atom
Francis William Bessler
Atlanta, Georgia

I wrote this long ago when I had not fully realized that God should not be referenced in terms of gender. Like I have argued above, I think people choose to make God "one of them" because it serves to justify their being "chosen" by a Personal God; but the idea of an Unlimited Infinite Presence in All defines God for me more like I think It really is. I know I am equal to everyone else; and therefore, I do not need a Personal God to favor me over another. That is not to say that I do not need a God. I would be a fool, I think, to believe that. How can I not need an Unlimited Infinite God when without It, I could not be at all?

Anyway, though in other places where I have featured the song below, I have referred to God as a "He," in this (final) version, I am changing that original "He" to "It" because it better expresses what I really believe. OK?

Thanks! (FWB )

From the smallest little atom,
to the biggest, biggest star,
that’s where God is living
and It's living where you are.
From the smallest little atom,
to the biggest, biggest star,
God is infinitely in everything –
and everything’s Its jar.

God is more than just spirit.
It must be matter too.
For how can it be different
if It is all the truth?
The truth is in everything
and in nothing can be denied.
So, God must be matter
because matter is not a lie.

God is in the little finger,
but It cannot be known there
anymore than It can in Heaven –
or in the soul who cares.
God is not to be divided
or be sold at highest bid
and It cannot be derided -
even by those who sin.

For God there is no Hell –
for It is everywhere.
And those who from God fell –
God is still found there.
I’m sorry that we’ve been
told a different theme,
but now let it be said,
that tale is from a thief.

Lift Your Spirits High!
Francis William Bessler
Atlanta, Georgia

I am also changing a word in this song from what it was when I wrote it in 1983.  In the refrain, I said: Be vulnerable to your lover - and others do not despise; but in retrospect, "vulnerable" is not what I meant. I meant "easy" in that I intend to say that lovers should make engagement easy. One should never impose on another - be it in a sexual event or other.
For me, sex is no different than any other human enterprise in that we should only do what we are "invited" to do. By the same token, even sexual lovers should not do what they are "invited" to do unless they agree with the "invitation." Life is really simple if we are easy with each other and let our ease extend into whatever play that may come about. Why make it more complicated than that?

Life itself is truly amazing; and that is why I think that no matter what we do, we should always live in high spirits - or as my song says,
Lift Our Spirits High.

Indeed, let us have babies because that is Nature's Way; but let us not have them unless we are confident we can afford them. To breed a baby we cannot afford to support is to assure that baby will live in poverty, disease, and misery; and that is no way to make for a happy world. Is it?

Thanks! (FWB)

You gotta lift your spirits high –
no matter what happens.
You gotta lift your spirits high –
and let your facades die.
Be easy with your lover –
and others do not despise.
Be kind to your neighbor –
and watch your spirits rise.

It’s they who’ve caused the human plight
who’ve had no doubt that they were right.
How wrong we are to assume we’re God –
or claim the right to wield "Its" rod.
When you’re low and feeling down –
forget about the talk of town.
Dream what you will, feel what you dream –
and if it helps, spread on whipped cream.

When you find in life, the tide’s recessed –
and you seem a stranger to all the rest,
never mind, it will all soon be behind –
and you’ll find friends of your own kind.
The pendulum swings, and life does too –
from ecstasy to the dreaded blues.
Hold on, my friend, hold on with pride.
Say thanks for the tears for you have eyes.

Life is walking a tight rope.
Today, it’s yes. Tomorrow, it’s no.
How do you do, Francis the mule!
Yes, your Honor, I swear it’s true.
One moment you’re the
greatest friend they’ve had –
the next you’re their greatest handicap.
Who can say who you should be?
That’s up to you to decide – not me.
Refrain (2).

Be kind to your neighbor –
and watch your spirits rise.

My Life Is My Own
Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

My life is my own.
It belongs to no one else.
My life is my own -
as I'm so proud to tell.
My life is my own.
That's the way it should be;
and as it is for me, my friend,
it's also true for thee.

Life is quite a miracle.
We need nothing more.
At least, that's how I see it -
and try to live it, for sure.
Why should I waste my time
looking away from life
when it is there I should hope
to find that which is Divine?

Let me look at you, girl,
and be amazed at what I see
and know that what I see
is filled with Divinity.
The wonder of your eyes
and the grace of your shape
should leave me feeling grateful
that I'm one to share your state.

Let me look at you, boy,
and know that I'm like you.
In you I find myself
and in you I find my truth.
It is not very complicated
as I see the two of us now.
To love that we too are one
should be my only vow.

Someday, for sure, I will die
and leave all memory behind,
but the attitude I take with me
will be mine next time.
Indeed, my life is my own,
but let me give it away as well.
Be mindful we are precious
and we will never live in Hell.

Let me look at my fellow birds
and know we share Paradise.
Let me swim among the fish
and be aware we both are fine.
Let me wander among the stars,
knowing it's all the same on Earth;
and when I die, I will find
a simply fantastic rebirth.
Refrain (twice).

Indeed, as it is for me, my friend,
it's also true for thee.