Let's Go Roving!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Hello, Everyone!

Something happened last Thursday that reminds me of a past belief -

and a current one. That belief is one that views all life everywhere

in the Universe - and even in Existence, in general - as equal in worth.

When I viewed our spacecraft landing on Mars last Thursday, Feb. 18th,

my first thought was WOW - there it is again!

What is "it"? It is whatever is on Mars. It may be life - but then again,

it may be just soil or dirt or whatever, but whatever "it" is, in my mind,

"it" is the same as what I find on Earth - in terms of worth; and nothing else

matters much to me. To each, his or her own, but since I was a kid

growing up on a small farm in northern Wyoming, I have been at least

"whelmed," if not "overwhelmed" with thoughts of how wonderful

are what's in my surroundings. As a kid, I loved to go hiking in the

badlands beyond our farm - and I guess that is what I saw on Thursday -

just some more of the "badlands" I enjoyed so much as a kid.

I don't know what's on Mars in detail anymore than I knew what

was in the badlands beyond our farm, but if I was mesmerized

by the badlands of my youth, how could I not be mesmerized

by the "badlands" of Mars - or the "badlands" on Mars?

So, this is simply to share being reminded of the wonder of existence,

be it the badlands of northern Wyoming - which most might find boring -

or the badlands of Mars - or Venus or Saturn or Neptune or Pluto

or anywhere in our own Galaxy or any Galaxy in all of Existence.

Typical of me, I decided to put my thoughts about being at home

everywhere I am in a song in 2007 I called GALAXY VIEW OF LIFE -

which, of course, includes me and you and everything and everyone.

I do believe too many people overlook the obvious beauty of

that which surrounds them by pretending there is something

far greater somewhere else. That which may be somewhere else

might be different than where I am, but not greater -

simply because An Infinite God must be IN everyone and everything.

So, in October of 2007, I decided to put those thoughts in a song.

If you care to do so, be my guest and check out those thoughts

in that song I am sharing below. OK?

In the meantime, I am going to look at what our spacecraft, Rover,

shares with us in pictures whenever I see some of it on my TV.

As I do, I will be reminded of roving across the badlands

beyond our little farm outside of Powell, Wyoming -

sometimes with a brother or two and sometimes with a friend -

and sometimes alone.

I do believe those badlands were named McCullough Peaks,

probably after some fellow named "McCullough," but

whatever the name, thanks to Rover on Mars for reminding me

of it; and Thanks to All of NASA and associates

for making it happen.


Have a Good One, Everyone!

Be in touch!


Francis William Bessler and

supportive wife, Nancy Shaw (writings website) (email

P.S. So sorry for what has been happening in Texas

for their not being equipped with better infrastructure

to handle an unexpected winter;

but hopefully the powers that be

will learn from their mistakes of the past

and the Winter of 2021 will be the last winter

for which they were unprepared.



Francis William Bessler

Laramie, Wyoming

10/3/2007; modified a bit: 10/23/2018


I have a galaxy view of life.

I have a galaxy view of me.

I have a galaxy view of you –

and that, my friend, is why I’m free.

I think I’m made out of galaxy dust

from a star from whence the sun did come.

I guess that’s why in the stars I trust;

and it’s why my soul is having so much fun.


I wonder how my consciousness did arise,

but I know it doesn’t matter much.

As long as my attitude is kind,

I know my life will always be just.


I think that those who lived before,

before we found the earth is round

lived life like they were sure

that where they stood is the only ground – but


But now we know a lot more than we did.

We know we’re part of a grand universe;

and if we’re smart, we all will commit

to belong and to reject our former curse.


Beyond the vast sky, there is no Heaven -

anymore than what we can find here.

Heaven’s only forgiving to be forgiven -

as Hell is only living life in fear.


And when it comes for my time to die,

my soul will continue on its path.

There’s no need to fear what’s in the tide

because my future will be an extension of my past.


Though I doubt I will ever leave my precious earth,

I will still be part of the most distant star

because no matter where I may find birth,

it’s all the same – be it near or far.


People think that God can be absent

and they can escape It if they try;

but I think an Infinite God must be present

and that in each of us, It must reside.


I wonder what will happen to my soul

when it leaves this body it’s found this time.

I think wherever it goes, it will know

that wherever it goes, it is Divine.

Refrain (2).