Pondering Trump's COVID

Color me Suspicious!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020
Pondering Trump's COVID

Hello, Everyone!

Color me Suspicious, because that I am -
considering President Trump's "timely" becoming a victim of COVID-19 last week. Did he really catch the virus - or is he just pretending he did? If he did catch the virus, what proof has he passed forward of that? Did he decide to claim to have the virus because many around his entourage of political friends claim they became victims recently? Many of those are up for re-election - like Trump is - and may be behind in their various races? Are they claiming to have the virus because it sounds like they, too, are victims like the many thousands that have died due to a totally inept and incompetent administration which they have endorsed? Are they all now getting the virus to attain a "sympathy vote" in November?

I admit that I do not know the answer - and answers - to these questions, but I do believe I should ask them - and ask all to ask them on their own. I realize full well that I may be underestimating Trump’s alleged illness, but given that Trump has lived his life hiding his ways from the truth, who knows what is really going on with this guy – and his legion of complicit political allies?

As I see it, Trump is already trying to manipulate our voting system to
claim that many of our votes are invalid - due to early voting and mail in voting fraud. It is clear he intends to appeal to the courts for favorable rulings if he does not win. That is clear to me. So, if he is so willing to accuse (and abuse) our voting system - and systems - of being fraudulent, why should we believe him when suddenly he comes down with a virus he has constantly argued is no big deal? Is he trying to argue now it is no big deal by claiming he has the virus and is dealing with it like any ordinary person should? Is that what he is up to?

And how did he come down with the virus - if he did? Did he connive, in a way, to get it, by intentionally exposing himself to one he knows has it - or had it? I heard that he claimed he got it from a political advisor, Hope Hicks - who got it from getting too close to some military person, but did Hope Hicks get it from him - and did he get it by intentionally exposing himself to one he knew has it - or had it?

As a matter of conjecture, did his nominee to the Supreme Court, Amy Barrett, pass it along to him? I am under the impression that Amy had the virus earlier this year, but recovered from it. Can someone who has recovered from the virus and is no longer bothered by it still pass it along – perhaps in a weaker state? Did Trump suspect that Amy could only pass forward a virus that was weak from previous confrontation and not much of a challenge? Did Trump plan on getting it from Amy without Amy knowing anything at all about his plans?

And if it is true that one who has recovered from the virus can still pass it on, what about the Supreme Court? Can a Judge Amy Barrett pass it along to the other eight judges? I don't know. Do you?

And what about his apparent lack of empathy for the over 210,000 lives that have been lost? Did he decide early on to “let them die” because he suspected that most of the dead would not be voting for him – and letting them die would serve him well politically? Dead men – and women – can’t vote. Is that one of the reasons he “let them die” while pretending he was trying to save them by letting them stay free to earn a living without imposition of governmental regulation? Why did he constantly oppose his own health experts who claimed that wearing masks and staying six feet apart are keys for dealing with the virus? Why did he constantly insist he is right and they were wrong? What was in it for him to “let them die”? Perhaps it was mostly simply a means of “voter suppression.” Again, dead people can’t vote; and more than likely the vast majority of those who would die due in part to various pre-conditions would have voted for Biden and Harris, not Trump and Pence. Suppose?

Again, I do not know what's up with Trump - and his political allies -
but the timing of claiming to be a victim of a virus he has downplayed all this year is a bit much for me to swallow. Will he suddenly emerge from Walter Reed Hospital - and then claim that he handled it on his own - with the help of some drug he took that no one knows about - but can be relied upon for future victims? Is he only endorsing a drug company in exchange for some financial support he received from that drug company in the past? Or is he in a position to benefit from such a drug company by being a stock holder?

Who knows? But whatever happens with him - and fellow political allies in danger of being voted out - we should be wearing our "scrutiny hats," so to speak. At least, that is how I see it.


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Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming