A "Personal Vision" Explained

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

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Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming
Originally written 10/19/2005;
amended 5/23/2011;
with a final amendment 4/12/2016

Though I wrote this several years ago, I am choosing to add it to my website ( blog today - April 12th, 2016. I am doing so today as a means of honoring two wonderful souls - Leo and Clara Bessler - my parents. Leo passed as victim of a pedestrian/auto accident on 7/7/1966 - at the age of 59. Leo was the pedestrian, struck down by a pickup driven by one who fell asleep at the wheel. Mom passed mostly from old age at the age of 96 on 5/16/2004 at a nursing home in the town where she lived most of her life - Powell, Wyoming.

April 12th was special for Mom & Dad because it was Mom's birthday, having been born 4/12/1908; and April 12th, 1928, is when Mom & Dad married. So even though they have been gone a long time, their 88th wedding anniversary is 4/12/2016.

So, HAPPY 108TH BIRTHDAY, Mom; and HAPPY 88TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, Mom & Dad! From wherever you may be now, enjoy the following "journey of a soul" - and any who choose to read this, enjoy it as you will too. OK?

And let me admonish you - it would be best to read to the end because it may well be the end amendment that "gets it right."


Francis William Bessler

Describing a "Personal Vision"

In the Fall (or maybe Summer) of 1975, I had a rather unique experience. I was returning to Denver, Colorado - where I lived - from the state of Oklahoma. I had driven a few young students to Norman, Oklahoma for a seminar for the Unification Church. I had no belief in that church, but at the request of a friend, Cathy Corrigan, who did belong, I consented to drive Cathy and some of her Unification Church friends to Oklahoma where they could attend a seminar for their church. On the way back, it happened!

I was letting one of the young friends of Cathy drive my car. I was sitting in the back seat, resting from having driven a good while before then. As I was resting, I had this very interesting experience. While in a slumber state – in between sleep and full awareness – with my eyes closed, I had what I call a paranormal experience – meaning outside the norm. Some might call it a vision; and for this essay, I will too.

With my eyes closed, I began to see what would develop into a seven phase visionary experience. In phase 1 of the experience, I had a vision that was two dimensional. Before the total expanse before my eyes, I saw a totally fluctuating orange background with a similar orange sphere in front of it. The first dimension was the orange background. The second dimension was the orange sphere in front of the orange background. At this point, everything was orange – and brilliantly so. The background was moving like waves upon the sea. The orange sphere was shining like the sun in a clear blue sky and occupied at least a third of the picture.

Then phase 2 of the experience began. As I sat there, quite aware of the conversation going on in the car amongst the others, about a fourth of the way down in front of the sphere, I saw a blue line shoot across from the left side – starting from outside of the sphere or globe and extending in front of the globe to about 2/3 of the way across it. That was the beginning of the third dimension. First, the orange background, second, in front of that an orange globe, and third, in front of the globe, a single blue line, extending part way in front of the globe.

Needless to say, I was quite impressed, but I had no idea what it all meant – if it meant anything. Then while pondering the existing upper blue line on the left side of the vision, phase 3 of the experience began. Seconds later, another blue line shot across in front of the globe from the lower right side of the picture, about a fourth of the way up from the bottom of the sphere, extending from outside the globe to about 2/3 of the way across it – overlapping the initial blue line on top a good bit. So, now, I was witnessing a fully orange background with a similar orange globe in front of it and two overlapping blue lines in front of the orange globe.

After watching this rather interesting spectacle for a few seconds, the 4th phase of the experience began – the two blue lines began to move toward the middle of the globe and to each other. This phase ended eventually into a phase 5 after the two separate blue lines merged into a single blue line in the middle. Just before the merge, blue sparks reached from one line to the other. It was all very comfortable for me up to this time.

Then an uncomfortable phase 6 began. While sitting there and wondering what all this might mean, the blue line – quite brilliantly so – turned abruptly into a red line. The blue completely disappeared. Now I was faced with an orange fluctuating background with a brilliant globe in front and a single fiery red line in front of the globe, extending from outside the globe on the left side to outside the globe on the right side. I must admit to being uncomfortable during this phase, not liking the red at all, sensing it reflected discomfort in some way as red normally would.

Phase 6 did not last long, though. After a few seconds, phase 7 began. The red line turned back into the same brilliantly blue line from which it originally came. Phase 7 of the vision continued for quite a while; but it was the last phase. I would open my eyes and close them and the phase 7 picture would continue for some time. I am not sure how long the whole experience happened, but at least for a few minutes, I’d say. I opened my eyes and closed them to test reoccurrence of the vision at least a half dozen times. Eventually, of course, the spectacle disappeared.

Interpreting My Vision

What did it mean? I have wondered about that since it happened – though I have not considered it for some years as I write this. It is now 2005. The vision happened to me in 1975, thirty years ago. I am only now reexamining the experience in light of a very recent prompting. I belong to the Unitarian Church and a few of us are meeting to discuss our spiritual experiences. Reverend Penny is conducting the rather interesting adventure; and in session 2 of a planned 8 sessions, each of us was asked to draw a picture of at least one personal spiritual experience. I tried to feature this vision that I have described – suspecting it as one of the foremost spiritual experiences of my life. If it had not been for that exercise, I would not now be reexamining the experience.

Having the terrific advantage of having it happened long ago, I think I can now look back and make a great deal of sense of it. So, that is what I am doing with this essay. Given the dual advantages of retrospection and introspection, I will do my best to explain it.

First of all, it was a totally personal experience, I think. I believe the vision – if you want to call it that – came from within, not from without. No one gave me this vision – though it is possible – though not probable - that I am wrong on that. Who knows about anything that is paranormal. Some of it can be explained as originating from a given subject; and some of it may be translated in some way to a subject from some outside or occult source. I believe my vision came from within, but perhaps not. Maybe my soulful personal providence contacted me in some way and the result was the vision I had. Regardless of source, however, I do think the vision was intended to tell me something about myself.

It happened in 1975. I was 33. I think the vision told me mostly of my past life and used the graphics I have mentioned to define my own personal journey as a soul. My journey may be the journey of many in terms of the same things generally happen to a lot of us as we grow as souls; but I make no claim of anything but a personal journey by it.

Assuming that all phases of the vision had already happened - and looking back, I can finally see that they probably had - at the age of 33, my basic journey as a soul was complete. I have lived a lot of years since then – since I was 33, as now in 2005, I am 64 – but essentially, my basic journey as a soul completed by the time of my vision. The vision was a reflection of what had happened – though phase 7 did not end at age 33 and continues now and will continue until the day I die and beyond.

So, let’s look at phase 1. There was a two dimensional picture of fluctuating orange background with a brilliantly orange globe in front of it. No blue lines yet. Keep in mind, this is a story of a soul – my soul. Before my soul began, of course I did not exist. There was only Divinity without me. The orange testifies to a wonderful world of Divinity before my soul came into being. I suspect the orange globe in front only represents our sun as this particular planet’s source of light. From the light, all things come; and without light, nothing could exist. It is much like that. The orange globe is the same color as the general source of all because all exists within the glow of the one Divinity. A circle is a spiritual sign of perfection; and the orange circle in the middle of my vision was a declaration of Divine Perfection. The background orange was constantly fluctuating to show how the Divine is in constant motion. It is probably out of that motion that life is created. That should explain phase 1.

In phase 2, without explaining how it happens, a soul begins. The top blue line reflects a soul – my soul – though it could represent any soul that is at peace with itself. Blue suggests peace as orange suggests source. Any soul that is at peace could be represented by the top blue line; but I am only claiming it for myself for this essay.

In phase 3, an exact replica of the top blue line appeared in front of the lower half of the globe. I take this second blue line to represent my body. I say this because I know my life and I have considered body and soul as equal. Thus, from my own inspection of myself, the lower blue line probably represented (and represents) my body. It is very useful as a demonstration to myself that both lines were exactly the same – different only in terms of positioning. I believe the soul takes on a body. So that means a soul must exist before a body can be considered. Thus, it makes sense that, being the first to occur, the top blue line at the left side represented the soul and the bottom blue line represented the body.

The left blue and the right blue overlapped because that is how it happens in real life. It is almost impossible to know where the soul ends and the body begins. When the blue line of the soul came together with the equal blue line of the body, the lines overlapped to show that in real life, body and soul overlap. They feed off of each other; and one without the other is probably quite helpless. My journey is not an exception to the process. It is probably an expression of the process for all – though, again, for this essay, I am claiming my vision and my instruction only for myself.

Early in my speculation of this experience, I was sure that the two blue lines represented two different people – myself and another – but my comfort with solitary wholesomeness down through the years since the vision has taught me otherwise. I am currently single, though I have been with several partners since 1975. Given that the vision represents an ongoing statement of my life, the two blue lines must be contained solely within myself. Otherwise, the vision would represent something to happen – not something that has already happened as I believe to be so.

In phase 4, the two blue lines began to come together. Phase 4 represents a coming together of body and soul – though only in a spiritual sense. They both exist separately as individually wholesome entities, equal to one another; but until such time as I realize they are totally equal, to some degree they remain separate. Then, like a marriage of two persons who previously existed as two but come together to be one or act like one, so, too, upon realization of the equality of my body and soul, my body and soul became one.

The process of realization of equality, however, was gradual for me. It might be instantaneous for some, but it was only gradual for me. It took time for me to slip out of some bad ideas or away from some bad ideas and into some good ones. But once I left all the bad ideas behind and realized the true Divine equality between my body and soul, phase 6 of my life began.

As phase 5 ended, sparks moved between the merging blue lines of soul and body to show again that soul and body feed off of each other. They depend upon one another. As such, they should be the finest of companions of one another, not enemies as so much traditional religion teaches.

I was born a Catholic. As such I was taught that the body is sinful. That never made much sense to me, but for a long time in my life, I accepted it even though I disagreed with it. I guess I felt that all my Catholic (and Christian) friends could not be wrong in their belief in the doctrine of sin. It seemed to me impossible that one dissenting Catholic might be right.

The belief in sin – assumed as separation from God - suggests that man cannot help but stray from God because his nature is somehow ungodly. Thus, man is born in sin. Being born in sin, he has to become redeemed by one without sin in order to become Godly or acceptable to God. Thus, a God-man, called by Catholicism, a Messiah, is needed to deliver man to God. Enter Jesus as the essential God-man to deliver man to God.

That was the doctrine I was taught. It took some time for me to realize it could not be true because God, being Infinite, must be everywhere and in everything. How, then, is it possible that man or anything can be separate from God?

At first, I committed myself to the doctrine of the sin of separation from God and even committed myself to teaching the doctrine. I studied for the Catholic ministry for six years after graduating from high school in 1960. During that entire first period of my life, I suspected the reverse was true – that man has no sin and therefore need make no apology for his life in any way. Looking back, it was a strange course to take – to consent by a claimed admission of sin and to dissent by suspecting that life has no sin; but it is the exact course I took in life. To say the least, it was contradictory.

After disagreeing with the faculty at St. Thomas in Denver for several years, I was finally dismissed as a candidate for the priesthood in 1966 because my thinking is not that of a Catholic priest – as I was told upon being dismissed. I remained a Catholic, however, for several more years. I married Dee, a fellow Catholic, in 1967 and tried to be a good Catholic for several years – all the while dissenting from the doctrine of sin, understanding sin as separation from God.

As my marriage progressed, I became more and more entrenched in my real belief of the Divinity of Everything as my wife, Dee, held onto her Catholic belief. Dee’s parents became very upset with me for abandoning my faith. They felt that my challenge to the doctrine of sin as separation from God was surely going to land me in Hell; and though it might be OK for me to go to Hell, I had no right influencing their granddaughter and my daughter, Anita, to challenge a doctrine that age had canonized long time ago.

All of our disagreements were quite soft, however. It was not like we fought one another – though there were occasions where frustration made things quite tense. I think we loved each other more than we disagreed, but in 1973, I decided to make a clean break from Catholicism and from all of traditional Christianity that preached the doctrine of sin of separation between man and God. Looking back, I think it was that event that represented the two blue lines in my vision finally making contact. All my life I had been reaching to make that break, gradually moving toward it until finally in 1973, I did it. Finally realizing that the Catholicism of my past and of Dee’s past and present could not be reconciled with my Divine Naturism, as I called it, I decided to leave the Catholic Church and all it represented.

In terms of the vision, when the two blue lines met, that was the juncture in my life when real belief and conduct became one – when my soul could finally embrace my body as a friend and not as a foe or competitor. No longer would I consent to straddle between the world of sin and virtue as I had been doing for years. Without any animosity toward the Church, I walked away from it in 1973 and have never looked back since. Phase 5 of my vision represents that part of 1973 (or it might have been 1974) when I finally came to terms with my dissent and completely and totally committed myself to what I call the vision of Divine Naturism.

Following my final commitment to Divine Naturism, however, I experienced a good deal of regret for all the years I had lost straddling between sin and virtue. I was unhappy with myself that I had wasted so many years competing with the world of sin. It is that period of regret that represents the red line of phase 6 of my vision. As the vision illustrated, however, I would not allow my regret to last. Once I put the past completely behind me with all its past regrets, then phase 7 of my vision started and continues to this day.

If you remember, for as long as the visionary experience lasted, I would open and close my eyes just to see the vision continuing. The red had long gone; and the blue of peace and firm conviction had replaced it. Maybe next life, I will choose for some reason to repeat some part of this scenario – if not all of it – but for the rest of my life, as the vision so wonderfully told me – I will always be at peace – as the blue signifies.

As I offered before, I think my vision represents the journey of my soul – for the most part, completed by the age of 31 in 1973. When I made that final commitment to walk away from the Catholic Church in 1973 – I entered the first fully blue period as one person with an equal body and soul with neither being the foe of the other. My regret and anger over a wasted youth of virtual belief in sin followed, but did not last long. That anger was represented by the one red line in my vision; but as it has actually happened in life for me, the anger soon subsided and I have committed myself to a different perspective. Thus, the red turned back into blue; and be it in this life or the next, no one can ever take that away from me.

By the time of the vision in 1975, however, it had all been completed. My vision was only looking back to see the Journey of a soul. In 1975, I separated from Dee for a time; though by Christmas of that year, I was trying our marriage again for the sake of Anita, my then five year old daughter. Dee and I stayed together through 1976 and finally went our separate ways completely in Jan. of 1977. Dee has remained Catholic and a devout believer in the notion of sin as separation between God and man. I have continued to be the Divine Naturist I have always been, but which I compromised for the first thirty years of my life. No longer, however, do I compromise my real conviction about life.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. The year of initial solid blue and temporary red may have been 1974 rather than 1973 as stated. I have forgotten so much about that period of my life as I write this in 2005, but in general, it was no earlier than 1973 and no later than 1974. By the Fall of 1975 when I was 33 and by the time of the vision or paranormal experience featured in this essay, it had all been decided. Perhaps many lives have some one period that represents some time of some irrevocable commitment. For me, it happened in that period of 1973-1974. At this time in 2005, that commitment continues.

The Truth – in Orange & Blue!
(An amendment: May 23rd, 2011)

What a wonderful journey is life! I smile every time I think of how easy it really is. It’s easy because all that is required to attain virtue is to embrace life as a gift. Now, that is really easy! How conflicted mankind is, though, for the most part because it does not see life as easy because it does not rate simple gratitude as virtue. Anything easy is considered useless – and therefore, to some degree, objectionable. Have we not all heard the utterance – nothing easy is worthwhile. So we commit ourselves to sweating and grunting and doing all the hard stuff because it is the “hard stuff” that really makes life worthwhile.

Thus, I think, we engineered the concept of sin – with which I have so fiercely disagreed all my life. Sin “explains” why we have to sweat and grunt and do all the hard stuff. Somehow, we have misled ourselves into thinking that without the wonderful obstacle of sin, we could not aspire to great things. Accordingly, sin is required in order to allow for progress – not only individual progress, but societal progress in general. It’s like unhappiness with life is a requirement for improving one’s lot – and mankind’s lot in general. Unhappiness is just another name for sin – in a way. If life is to improve, one must be unhappy with it. Therefore, all must sin.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned! How many times did I say that in my youth and early adulthood? My early faith, Catholicism, taught me that I had to “confess” to my sins on a weekly basis. Why? I think it was to keep me aware that I should be a sinner. The Church has no room for non-sinners. So to make sure there are plenty of sinners, the faithful have to be constantly reminded of how sinful they are. That keeps them coming – and keeps the Church growing.

Oh how ingrained we are with sin. Francis, what did you do today? I sure hope you spent some time in sin – because if you haven’t, well there’s just no hope for you for the future. But how dumb it is! As a human race, it has been dictated to us that we “must sin." No one is sinless! How many preachers say that every single Sunday? Welcome, Fellow Sinners! Welcome to this little pause so you can ready yourself to go out and sin all you can so that you can come back here next Sunday and join us again as “woeful sinners."

I guess I realized long time ago just how idiotic it is; and for me, it has become, “how is it possible to sin?” when sin is defined as separating yourself from God? How can I sin if separation from God is impossible? And that is the crux of the whole issue for me. How can anyone really sin in terms of being separated from God when, in fact, God must be Infinite and therefore IN everyone? How can you be separated from something that is inside of you?

Well, I suppose it is useful for some or they would not stick to the notion of sinning. If that is so for you, all I can say is, keep sinning, my friend, if it makes you happy! As for me, I left sin behind a long time ago. When I realized that God and me are really one - or at least that all belong to the same Source - whether you call it God or not - I stopped sinning; and, you know, I have not regretted that a single instant. It is such a grand life to know your body and your soul are friends. I can’t recommend such a friendship enough. Whatever those two are, they are of God. Nothing exists outside of that wonderful Orange Background of my Vision. It is only for me to realize that and to be grateful for my wonderful, mysterious, miraculous life.

I am “one blue line” comprised of two wonderful entities – a body and a soul – that believe that virtue is only knowing there is no sin. I can sin by ignoring the truth and acting like I am an enemy to myself or another, but there is no sin in me. There can be no sin where God resides. I often wonder just how long it will be before the human race as a whole believes the same thing – and all the confessionals and all the “meeting houses for sinners” will empty – and only blue lines of peaceful souls will remain.

I hope there will come a day when "confessionals" will become "expressionals" and souls can join with others to testify as to their virtue and not their sin. I hope there will come a day when all the “meeting houses for sinners” will become “greeting houses for virtuous souls."

Jesus told us so long ago – go and sin no more! We should have learned by that little counsel that Jesus really believed we can sin no more. We should have learned from our dear brother and friend, Jesus, that he did not believe we have to sin to be his friend and have need of him to resolve it. We should have learned so long ago that as Jesus was, we all can be. Our New Testament should not be that we can dismiss sin with the help of Jesus, but that we can miss sin entirely and not have to dismiss it – simply by knowing we are all One In God and celebrating that Oneness!

I am not the only blue line in the world. We are all blue lines, or potentially so. I am no different than you and you are no different than me. Each of us can dismiss the red from our lives by living in gratitude and shunning regret. And what a wonderful way to go! At least, I think so.

The Truth – in Birth?
(An amendment: April 12th, 2016)

To begin this final amendment, let me invite you to address my vision with your own interpretation - should you have one. What do you think? Did I have a "meaningful" vision? Or was it strictly an hallucination that adds up to "nonsense"? Feel welcome to email me at or reply via my website and tell me what you think. I am always open to what others may think. Above, I told you what I think - or at least what I thought - about my "vision of '75." Now, feel welcome to tell me what you think. If you do reply, let me know if you want me to share your response. My plan is to collect any replies or ideas and publish them in a subsequent blog. OK?

Having said that, let me consider an entirely different explanation of my "vision of '75." If correct, it should go to show how we can get any personal experience wrong - in terms of correctly interpreting what something might mean. Just let it be a lesson for me - and for you, if you care to admit such.

What if the "top blue line" of my vision does, in fact, represent the soul - any soul, not just mine - and that the "bottom blue line" does, in fact, represent a body - but the timing is wrong? What if I got it wrong that the bonding of blue lines represents an "in life" process? What if the coming together of blue lines is a representation of "birth" and not an in life conversion process?

Consider this, if you will. If, in fact, my soul takes upon itself - not himself or herself - a body in time, imagine the likely process. There I am as a soul waiting to enter the world of a body - or a body in the world. In some way, I see an embryo that I want to choose for myself. So, I "wait" for the right moment to take it. While I wait, the body continues to move toward me as a soul - or my soul continues to move toward a given embryo. Then at some moment, as a soul, the timing is right and I enter the body. Keep in mind that what I am offering now is a process that applies to all - not a process that only applies to me.

Would it not make sense that when I entered the desired body of my choosing that I would consider it a success, as it were? I have been waiting all this time, waiting for the time to be right for me to access a desired body - and then, it happens. Voila! Me and my body are finally one. I am ecstatic as a soul - and that is why when the soul line and the body line meet as one, I am happy - or blue; but then, I realize that I have "lost" my previous independence as a soul without a body. That would send me into a bit of a soulful upending, so to speak. What the hell am I doing here? Why did I leave my secure bodiless world behind just to get into this mess?

So, my "blue" turns into "red" - and a bit of suffering. The doctor cuts the fallopian tube that connected me to my mother, whacks me on the bottom to make me cry, I cry out in response - and then when the tears end, there is peace again. The red turns back into blue - and a new person begins a new life. As a soul, I just needed an "adjustment period" once I entered into a new body. It was that "adjustment period" that was reflected by the temporary red in my vision.

What do you think? Can it be that is the correct explanation of my "vision of '75"? Wouldn't that make more sense because it applies to all new beginnings - not just my own? Maybe, huh?

And what would that say about when life really begins? If I am right in this current interpretation, a "person" would not begin at conception, but rather at birth. If I am right, it would at least imply that a soul "waits" to occupy an embryo until that embryo is ready to become a "person." Accordingly, if a person does not begin with conception and does, in fact, begin with birth, abortion of a "personless" embryo may not be so wrong.

That would put the responsibility of giving life to two - a soul waiting to become a person - and a set of parents nurturing an embryo. It would imply that if I am a soul waiting to occupy an embryo that is eventually aborted, then as a soul, I will just find another home. It would not be that if a set of parents aborted the body I was waiting for that they would be "killing me" in the process. You cannot kill something - as a person - that is not yet a person. Right?

But the abortion thing is only a side thought. It is the "birth thing" that should be the important consideration here. Nothing changes in terms of seeing life as wonderful - or not - with this new explanation. Regardless of whether the bonding of soul and body is an in life process or a beginning of life process, I think it is an absolutely wonderful matter. Don't you?

Who knows the truth? I do not know; and I am quite proud to say I do not know - especially after having gone through this personal adventure of trying to interpret a vision - even if the vision was my own. The important thing, I think, is to know that one's life is one's own - and none of us should rely on the interpretation of others to live life the way we think it should be lived. Each of us is a product of a process - even if none of knows for sure what that process is.

In the end, we should all stand back and look at life as we choose - and not let someone else decide it for us. Let this little adventure of my "misinterpreting" a vision - even if it was my own - to be an example of how any of us can get it wrong; but we should not fear getting it wrong if we really try to get it right. Just keep on trying to see things in a different light - and in the end, another truth may just appear.

And what about death? If this interpretation of my "vision of '75" is correct, it would also say something about death. If a soul is by itself before birth of body, then it stands to reason that with death of body, a soul would simply "return" to its previous bodiless state. And then, what? Well, if a soul considered that a body was useful a "last time around," then it only stands to reason that it would simply want another body when an old body became discarded. And what should be to fear about that? After all, before I was born as the person I am now, I was probably a soul without a body. With death, I become once again a "soul without a body" - probably in need of another body. The "watch" between lives would begin again.

So, let me live life fully with any body I might have - being amazed at the wonder of it all. Let me look at my body and see a brother - not a stranger; and let me always confide in my brother body - or sister body - and know that both body and soul are miracles that exist because an Orange Source allows it to be so. Let me live never fearing Hell - or possible separation from an Eternal Source - but knowing that any Heaven I might have is entirely up to me to realize; and that as I realize I am truly a miracle, let me be aware that everyone is like me - and is a miracle too.

I would like to close with a song I wrote a few years ago called I Ain't Got Me. The point of the song is make no mistake about it - we may be wrong in following the lead of anyone simply because none of us know the truth. I am not claiming that "I know the truth" by this "change of interpretation," but I am claiming that what I have experienced should indicate the best one to interpret my life is me; and the best one to interpret your life is you. In the end, let no one else dare to define what another should be - or do. Agree?

Respond as you will. Thanks for Listening!

Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming
Written 10/12/2009

I got Buddha.
I got Moses.
I got Mohammed – to begin with, you see.
I got Peter – pretending Jesus,
but what I ain’t got, I ain’t got me.

People live their entire lives,
placing their confidence in someone else.
They think those others will take them to Heaven,
but where they all end is more like Hell.

Oh, Peter, why could you not hear
what your friend, Jesus, told you so plain?
He said that to know him is to know yourself
if you know yourself without shame.

The key to finding happiness in life
is to know that all are equally good.
If you think another is better than you
then you do not know yourself as you should.

So, my friends, take off your clothes
and know that you need no disguise.
Bow to no one, hold up your head
and quietly tell yourself, I am Divine.