Welcome, Astella Jade Birdsong!

Hello to a Christmas Baby!

Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday, December 24, 2021
Welcome, Astella Jade Birdsong!

Hello, Everyone!

Nancy's granddaughter, Anne Marie, age 34 or so,
gave birth to a first child at 8:07 P.M. on 12/22/21 in Medford, Oregon.
Her name, as I am given to understand: Astella Jade Birdsong.

How about that? Nancy, Astella's great grandmother and my wife,
and I wish Anne Marie and Anne Marie's mom, Debbie, and
all the family a wonderful Christmas. I am including Debbie's
email address above in case you want to do a reply to her.
Debbie, I hope you do not mind.

I am now including parts of past original songs in my daily Twitter Tweets.
Looking at my list, I find one called WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!
that I wrote in June of 2009. So, for the rest of the year,
I will be taking from that song and making my tweets, such as it is.
Welcome to the Real World, not mankind's fabricated homelands,
Astella Jade Birdsong. Like your last name implies,
Be ready to "fly like a bird" and "sing your song" and
come and be with us when you can can.

I begin today with the following tweet, using part of the refrain
I will share that with Y'all below.
For the rest, feel "welcome" to check out my Twitter Tweets
for the rest of the year.

Love Ya!

Bye for now!


Francis William Bessler and
Great Grandma, Nancy Shaw


Astella Jade Birdsong.

Born 12/22/21 at 8:07 P.M.

Welcome to the real world.

Please do not be shy.

You belong to the real world

and you really are Divine.

For more, See

una-bella-vita.com & francisbessler.com.