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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

The following essay and song are being added as items 64 & 65 of my planned 7th and final book - IT'S A NEW DAY! - to be published by my publisher, Create Space, in the spring of 2019. For my previous 6 books, refer to my writings website - www.una-bella-vita.com. If you like this article, you will probably enjoy my other 6 books as well.
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I do not know about you, but I have always wanted to be a saint -
you know, Saint Francis of Laramie, Wyoming, so to speak. Well, actually, I began as Saint Francis of Powell, Wyoming - where I was born and raised; but, hey, I have been a saint in a lot of places during my life.
For a year or so after graduating from Powell High in 1960, I was Saint Francis of Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. Then I went on to become Saint Francis of Denver, Colorado. Later, for about 20 years, I was Saint Francis of Atlanta, Georgia. For about a year, I was even Saint Francis of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - and now and then I have returned as a saint multiple times to one place as a professional programmer in Gadsden, Alabama - and at other times, I was a saint in Montgomery, Alabama. I even spent about 6 weeks as a saint working near San Francisco, California. Hey, this ole saint has been all over - or at least, a lot of places; and wherever I have gone, in truth, I have been a saint.

Where have you been in your life? Have you, too, been a saint wherever you have gone? I do believe you have; but I think that most people do not know they have been saints, are saints, and will be saints no matter where they go - and that includes being a saint in a past life - or lives - and being a saint in a next life - or lives. But again, most people do not know they have been saints, are saints, and will be saints.

Do you know you are a saint - and have always been one? I doubt it. If you do know you are a saint, you are indeed an exception - like me. Most people think that being a saint is somehow pleasing God, not being where God is; and that is why they do not know of their sainthood. They have been led to believe - as I was too - that sainthood has to be attained - or achieved. They have been led to believe that sainthood is somehow earned; and that is why they have been totally in the dark as to their actual sainthood. Now maybe one could say that a certain "paranormal sainthood" requires obedience to a certain paranormal entity, but I do believe "Divine Sainthood" only requires the presence of God and nothing else. That I believe.

Like I said, I was among that ignorant crowd as a young man. My mind was made up that I had to "please God" to succeed in "being where God is." Like everyone of my family and friends - I had the notion I had that God is Someone to be pleased because that is what I was taught. Francis, you better obey God (and therefore, me, as an agent or prophet of God) if you want to please Him; and if you fail to please Him, then woe be to you. You will end up in Hell - where unquenchable fires will take an eternity to burn you up.

My, My, how stupid I was - to dare to believe that God was a Person I had to please in the first place - and then to take that false notion and suspect that if I did not please God in this life, I would be punished by fire forever afterwards. Hey, any fire that I have ever known in life that burns, almost instantaneously burns up its subject - or object. Have you ever witnessed a fire that burns anything beyond some very temporary period? Fire ends whatever it burns almost immediately. How, then, is it credible that if I do not please God in this life that God will allow me to "burn forever" in a next life?

That is just to go to show, however, that "burning in Hell forever" is an impossibility. So no one should fear such a fate. Right? But far more importantly, I think, one should not fear anything if one lives right. Never mind having to do one thing or another to "please God." If God cannot punish me if I do not "please Him," then "pleasing God" should not be a motive in the first place. In a way, I believe, it is probably so that God can't be a Person in the first place - to be pleased or to be displeased. If we are wise, we will divorce ourselves from any such notion - simply because it "probably" can't be so.

Love of God is extremely important, though, I think. When I was a kid, aspiring to "become a saint," my love of and for God was tremendous - even though my impression of God was wrong. As a kid, I did believe that God is a Person whom I could please or displease, but even then, my love of and for God was intense. I was totally caught up with "being with God" almost everywhere I went, even though I believed that God was somehow a "Ghost" that simply went where I went. Hey, God and me, were a pair. Where I went, God was too. Even in that way, I guess I was a "Saint Francis" - just believing in a Good God and believing that God was with me wherever I went.

In life, however, I have become aware that my boyhood thoughts were probably wrong. Yeah, I loved God, but the God I thought I was loving probably did not - and does not - exist. How can I know that? By using a little thing called "reason." My reason tells me that God can't be a Person outside of me for me to please or displease because my reason tells me that whatever God is, God must be Infinite because it makes no sense that Infinity cannot exist. If I use my brain, I can realize that there can be no end to existence; and as such, if existence can have no end, neither can that which we call "God."

Now if you declare that Infinity must be, but then go forward to claim that Infinity and God are not one, then I guess you have a different trail to go down than I; but I have equated Infinity with God; and such an equation has left in me a complete lack of fear of God - or of anything that might claim to be God - or an agent thereof.

God does not go with me as a friend or companion anymore - like I thought God was doing with me as a kid, but God is "with" me now as God has always been "with" me simply because as Infinite, whatever God is, God must be IN me, not just outside of me; and it is that notion that makes me a saint as it makes you a saint - regardless of what I may do or what you may do.

Don't get me wrong, though. Just because I think a "Hell from God" is impossible, a hell from another source is definitely possible - and not only possible, but probable, given the evidence of some humans insisting on making hell for others in this life. To each, his or her own, but Hell for me is simply acting like others are somehow superior or inferior to me - regardless of reason. My definition of hell - not Hell - is to live without a sense of equality. My definition of Heaven - besides simply "being in the presence of God" - is to live like anything that exists is my equal. Why? Because the presence of God in everything makes everything equally sacred - and, for me, "being sacred" is the same thing as "being a saint."

My friend, Jesus, I think, would agree - as I think he did agree when he walked this Earth. In
THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS, Verse 3, Jesus said: If those who lead you say to you: See, the Kingdom is in heaven", then the birds of the heaven will precede you. If they say to you: "It is in the sea," then the fish will precede you. But the Kingdom is within you and it is without (or outside) of you. If you will know yourselves, then you will be known and you will know that you sons of the Living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty and you are poverty.

In Verse 113 (of 114) of that same Gospel,
His disciples said to Him: When will the Kingdom come? Jesus said: It will not come by expectation; they will not say: "See, here", or "See, there". But the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.

There it is - in the words of a gospel banned in the 4th Century by folks who wanted to make Heaven a place where one goes if one first "pleases God." It makes sense to make Heaven dependent upon "pleasing God" if God is made a Person outside of us to be pleased, but it makes no sense if God is made equal to Infinity - and as such Heaven is made equal to simply being where God is. Indeed, as the Jesus of Thomas says - with great credibility: the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.

And that may be the major problem about seeing Heaven everywhere too. It is not something to be "seen" in the first place; and that might be why people live without "seeing" it. To see in the sense of the Jesus of Thomas is to "know." Heaven is not a place that can be "seen," but rather a belief to be "known." I do not "see God" where I am. I "know" God where I am - or believe that God is where I am. For me, God is not a "Person," but rather an "Infinite Presence." I am a saint, not because of anything I might do or believe, but because a saint is only - in a way - knowing that God is Present - whether here on Earth or anywhere else in Infinite Existence.

Well, it is time for me to get on with loving my life and being a saint - that is, "knowing" that I am one just as you are one too. It is that sense of believing that All is Sacred that allows a wonderful confidence that one does not have to depend upon anyone else to be as wonderful and as sacred as they are. But we have to "know" all is right with life to know that we are right with life, know what I mean?

Jesus knew that life is right. Jesus knew that life is sacred; and because it is, it is without shame. Shame is living with a belief that all life is not right - or that some life is better or more precious than some other life - or that some part of life is more acceptable than another part.

For what it's worth, I believe that very few knew Jesus when he lived; and that is why we have been misled to believe that Jesus was a Messiah for a Jewish Nation rather than simply a "wise man for the ages." Peter and his Boys needed a "messiah." They were not looking for a "wise man." So they found a messiah and not a wise man. They found what they needed, not what Jesus really was; or so, I believe.

In Verse 37 of
THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS, it is written: His disciples said: When will thou be revealed to us and when will we see Thee? Jesus said: When you take off your clothing without being ashamed , and take your clothes and put them under your feet as the little children and tread on them, then shall you behold the Son of the Living One and you shall not fear.

I doubt very much that Peter or Mark or John or Paul or anyone of the time of Jesus (except maybe Thomas & Mary Magdalene) understood what Jesus was saying. In truth, it is almost impossible to relate to what another claims unless you have already been down the road of that one, so to speak. Poor Peter! Poor Mark! Poor John! Poor Paul! They may have wanted to believe, but I doubt that they did. They were Jews! They wanted a Jewish Messiah; and they did not want a "wise man for the ages." I suspect that is how it went.

They did not understand how they could take off their clothes without shame because they saw life as sinful. For them, to take off their clothes was a matter of shame because how could it not be if life is sinful? How could you take off your clothes without shame? That must have indeed been a very perplexing idea.

In truth, unless you are one who already does that - love the naked because it is sacred, not sinful - it is difficult to be convinced that going naked is an ideal - or should be an ideal; but I believe it because it is already my ideal. I believe it because having lived without shame, I know it is possible. If you have not lived that way, then it must be suspect. That's just the way it is.

All anyone can do is try to think for themselves and allow their life to be reflective of their thinking. I go naked a lot - without shame - simply because I know I am a "son - or child - of the Living One" - and I believe that such a Living One can only create that which is as sacred as is the Living One Itself. In a sense, in being a "son - or child - of the Living One," I am the Living One - simply because one is a reflection of the other.

That is not to say that I believe The Living One makes all that It creates. I do not know how all is created or how all came to be. I do not claim to know the details of existence even as I am sure that it is all Good. God, for me, is a bit of an abbreviation for "Good." Simply drop out an o of good - and presto, there is God. That is, there is "My God." Let others choose for their God as they will; but My God is simply Infinite Goodness.

I am not naked as I type these words now, but it should be alright if I was. In fact, I am clothed at this moment - mostly in anticipation of attending a birthday party for a young friend in an hour or so. It is too bad that our society does not know the truth of the true sacredness of life, but it does not. Maybe some day we will become aware that we are all saints and that we should have no shame for any part of life.

In truth, sainthood is really easy because living without shame is easy. That is, "knowing sainthood" is easy because living without shame is easy if you believe that All is Good; and if, in fact, living without shame is not easy for me or you or anyone else, it is because we have believed that we must "please God" to "have God." In fact, we do not know we "are good," though we do believe we can "become good." And in not knowing what we already are, we probably will never become what we think we should be. Too bad!

Once I believed that I had to "please God," but Now, I believe that "I have God." And in having God, I am also pleased. Ah, 'tis better to be pleased than to please. Suppose? It is all up to me if I "am pleased," but it is not up to me "to please." Is it? So, let me be gracious and "be pleased" and realize I'm the saint everyone is. I highly recommend that way of thinking; and if I am not mistaken, Jesus would too. Indeed, in the words of the Jesus of Thomas,
The Kingdom is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.

Hey, see you around, on the Streets of Heaven - here on Earth - or wherever we may meet!

Saint Francis of Laramie, Wyoming.

Child Of The Living One
Francis William Bessler

This is like a little digest of some of the verses that I have come to love from THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS. I am paraphrasing to some extent, but I do believe the actual verses signify what I have written. Enjoy as you will - and believe as you will too. THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS features 114 verses. If you like the few verses (14) that are covered in my little lyrical digest via 11 verses in my song, you may like the entire Gospel of Thomas. If so, I encourage you to check out the entire gospel.
Good Luck!

Francis William Bessler

I'm a child of the Living One.
You are too; so, let's have fun.
We're all children of the light.
So, let us love each other
as we pass through life.

From Verse 3:
In the Gospel of Thomas,
Jesus said a long time ago,
know you are
a child of the Living One.
Well, My Friend,
I don't know about you,
but I'm gonna live
according to that truth.

From Verse 2:
Jesus said:
Do not cease seeking
until we find,
but if we're troubled,
pay it no mind.
We will marvel
at the majesty of life
and reign like queens & kings
in our new light.

From Verse 6:
Jesus was asked if we should fast
and what diet we should observe?
He said, do not lie
or do what you hate.
And that is the best way
you can serve.

From Verse 22:
Jesus said:
The Kingdom
is like the little children.
So to find the Kingdom,
we should be like them.
Make the inner like the outer
and the two as one -
and that's how you'll find
the real Kingdom.

From Verse 33:
Jesus said:
Put your light upon a stand
so all can see what you recommend.
No one should hide
by covering themselves.
Be proud of what you are
to find your truth, my friend.

From Verses 36 & 37:
Jesus said:
Take no thought at all
for what you put on
and acclaim the life
you've been given.
Take off your clothes
and live without shame
to know you belong
as a saint in Heaven

From Verses 41 & 43:
Jesus said:
We should become passersby,
though we should love our lives
as we pass by.
We should love the tree,
but also love its fruit
if Heaven on Earth we are to find.

From Verse 63:
Jesus told a story about a rich man
who believed his riches
would always satisfy.
That's what he thought in his heart,
but that night he died
and lost it all behind.

From Verse 70:
Jesus said:
If you bring forth that within,
that which you have will save you.
But if you do not bring forth
from within,
you'll live your life
never finding truth.

From Verses 81 & 90:
Jesus said:
Come to me for easy is my yoke -
and you'll find repose for yourself.
But to follow me,
you must renounce all power
because power involves
commanding someone else.

From Verse 113:
Jesus was asked:
When will the Kingdom come?
He said:
It will not come by expectation.
The Kingdom
is spread upon the Earth
but men do not see it,
serving various nations.
Refrain (multiple times).

We're all children of the light.
So, let us love each other
as we pass through life.
We're all children of the light.
So, let us love each other
as we pass through life.