On Nancy/Happy 83rd, Brother Paul!

Adjusting With Nancy!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021
On Nancy/Happy 83rd, Brother Paul!

Hello, Family!

Just to take a moment to wish Brother Paul a Wonderful 83rd
and to offer a bit of an update on Nancy.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAUL! Give our best to the family!

To make it brief, Nancy is pretty much a homebody.
Who knows how long that will last - but it might be forever.
I suspect most of her problems ensue from taking the likes of
blood thinner to deal with her blood clot - or clots - in her heart;
but she has developed a lot of swollen areas
from her feet to her waist. That has probably led to her gain in weight
from 129 (with clothes on March 31st) to 142 (yesterday, also with clothes).
Most of that weight gain is due to retention of water in her parts -
again from her feet to her belly button. Again, I think the
fluid retention is due to repercussions of the blood thinner
she has to take to avoid having a stroke.

Nancy has great difficulty now just getting out of a chair on her own
and often has to call for me to help her.
Well, that is the way it is, but I try not to be pessimistic about it.
Rather just take it in stride as if all of that is normal.
I just have to adjust in my mind to consider it such;
and that is what I hope to do. Overall, she is just fine,
just living in a different way than before, so to speak.
I expected the mitral-clip of last November to be like a new battery,
but from where I stand, I do not notice any improvement -
though I know that if she had not had it performed,
things may have been worse. Without it, her heart may have given out.
So at least, that has not happened - and we are glad for that.
I expected the mitral-clip to give her a lot more energy by
releasing more of her blood into her system,
but she become even more tired and less energetic
than before the procedure. That is a big surprise to me.
I sure did not expect that. Oh Well!

Beyond that, I have been really busy trying to prepare to share
some of my thoughts of Divine Naturism - in which I believe
and have believed since my 30s. In the 80s, I worked on a
audio cassette album I called MASTER OF YOUR OWN FATE
trying to blend original commentary with original music - or song -
with the help of a lot of musicians around Atlanta, Ga where I lived.
The result was a four volume album that I have yet to share
with the world for lack of any interest so far;
but I am still open to sharing it. My intent is to see if YouTube
can accept it - but I know from reading about their requirements,
that I have to supply an MP4 type file. In 2014,
I dubbed my MASTER OF YOUR OWN FATE album to
a VHS format friends & family pictorial tape
and called the effort THE STORY OF LOVE;
and since then, I have converted that VHS format to DVD.
I keep trying - even though the world keeps changing on me
and makes past efforts seemingly futile.

Amazingly, all of my efforts of last year and the year before
to try and make 10 DVDs available
to the public have gone awry, so to speak. It seems that DVDs
are no longer popular and the company I used to provide them
is halting further production of all DVDs on June 4th.
Anyone can still order a copy of something by putting my name,
Francis Bessler, in an Amazon search bar and browsing away
until you find something of interest; but after June 4th -
which just happens to be Desiree's (my oldest granddaughter) 33rd birthday, 
it will be no more on DVD availability. Too bad,
but that is the way it is. At least, I tried!

Anyway, recently, I acquired a software called Digiarity
that should allow me to convert some of my past DVDs
I have done on Divine Naturism
to an MP4 format. When I am done with that -
and I have been working for a couple of weeks on it -
mostly flubbing for my technical stupidity -
I will see if YouTube will allow me to submit some of my files to it -
and Presto - all of you and others who care to audit at least some
of my efforts of the past will be able to do so.
I realize it may not happen for one reason or another,
just like it has not happened in the 40 years since I took over eight years
to produce MASTER OF YOUR OWN FATE to share with Y'all,
but I know that if I do nothing, nothing will happen. Right?

In the end, if I am the only one who can tap into one of my programs
by having an MP4 file at hand on my pc for the viewing, Hey,
that will be just fine. It is like I am just one of the world to
audit what I have done - and one of us is enough to review the efforts.
Right? Who knows? Some of what I have done may eventually
please some; and that will make it all worthwhile, know what I mean?

Enough for now! Just keep Dear Nancy in your prayers;
and I will do the same. It's funny, but sometimes when I get a little depressed
about the world or our situation, I recite a prayer I wrote a few years back
called A MASTER'S PRAYER. It may not work for anyone else,
but it does wonders for me - and I pay it no mind that I wrote it.
LOL! Actually, my prayer goes great with THE LORD'S PRAYER of
one of the gospels for me - and I often recite THE LORD'S PRAYER
first - to myself - and then my A MASTER'S PRAYER. It works for me,
and it might work for you too. If so, be my guest. Try it! OK?

I will leave you with my A MASTER'S PRAYER.
Enjoy it as you wish!


Sorry we cannot be there with you,
but when I go to the store after I write this,
I will buy some cupcakes and have one or two
with our dinner tonight. That is only to keep you in mind.
Thanks so much just being you!

Bye for Now!

Have a Good One! Love Y'all!


Francis William Bessler (Sonny, Frank, Will)
and supportive wife, Nancy Shaw


(Freedom’s Prayer)


Francis William Bessler

Laramie, Wyoming


Our Loving God, My Generous God,

Holy is your name.

I thank you for my life and blessings.

That’s why I feel no shame.

Our Father, My Father -

Thy Kingdom’s here as well as there.

Thy will is only that I share –

what I am with the world.

Our Father, My Father -

To be forgiven, we must forgive;

that’s the only way peace can live.

Our Father, My Father -

I thank you for my daily bread.

My needs are simple – thus I do not dread.

Our Father, My Father -

To see only good is to allow no evil.

I pledge to you a life of no guile.

Our Father, My Father,

I will always be your child.

Our Father, My Father,

I will always be your child.