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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hello, Everyone!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Today is my Nancy's 85th Birthday. So, Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! And Happy Birthday, Nancy!

While celebrating Nancy's Birthday with a few friends who are gathering at the local Perkins Restaurant for that purpose at 3:30, let me share another article from my book in process of being published: IT'S A NEW DAY! I submitted my work last week and hoped that my online publisher, Create Space, would allow me to print an all bold lettering to make it easier to read for those who have bad eyesight, but I was told I cannot do that. I cannot submit an all bold manuscript. Well, I tried. I thought it would be a help for some, but found out I was mistaken. So for the last few days, I have been busy correcting it to fit Create Space's standards.

And that brings me to that which I am going to share with you below. I am used to having to "rewrite" or "correct" things in this life. I have been doing it all my life; and perhaps you have too. Right? When you get something wrong, hey, go back and get it right. Nothing hard about that, huh? The truth is, however, getting it right is really hard for a lot of people - and so once they have settled on some track or other, it is like impossible to get them off that track and onto a "right" track. I guess we are all like that. In reality, change is hard - and admitting wrong is really hard.

Well, Friends, get ready for someone trying to go back and rewrite an old, old, story. You have all heard of it. It is called GENESIS - the first book in the BIBLE. Call that attempt below to "revise" or "correct" GENESIS to be one man's attempt to try and right an old wrong. We have seen ourselves wrong from the very beginning - and that fellow (and it had to be a guy because gals were not respected back then, right?) - who wrote it probably told a story that was based on IGNORANCE. If you start out with IGNORANCE, then you will continue with IGNORANCE; and then all based on that IGNORANCE is wrong too.

My argument about our getting GENESIS - and therefore, Life - wrong is mostly philosophical. Entertain it only if "philosophy" is appealing to you. OK? But if you don't like philosophy, skip to the end to a song I wrote called "Adam & Eve." That may suit you better.

Anyway, Onward with the version of my article - STATE OF GRACE - that I had to change to fit it into Create Space's publishing standards. I will leave it at that. OK? My copy below is faulty too. In the book, it will be mostly regular print, but for some reason, when my system copies to paste, it changes things. Fonts change - and sometimes bold changes. Don't know why that is, but it will be right in the book. Alright? Feel Welcome to share my analysis of GENESIS with whom you will. Discuss it. Fill in the holes, if you think there are some. We can all be part of trying to correct ancient error - if we set our minds to it. Perhaps I should tell you that I wrote the following analysis in 2006, but I doubt very much that anything has changed since then to make my analysis irrelevant today. Right?

Onward with CELEBRATING LIFE! Happy Birthday to my fiancé, Nancy! If you are reading this and want to help us celebrate Nancy's Birthday, come on over to Perkins at 3:30.


Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming
& his Eve, Nancy Shaw



Francis William Bessler

Laramie, Wyoming

July 31st, 2006


Like a previous article - JUDGMENT DAY - I wrote this in 2006, too, and shared it with a few among family & friends. As it turns out, I guess I was rather prolific when I was 64, writing articles and sharing them with only a few; but now that I am compiling works of old writings and new writings and combining them as one - such as this book - well, why not go back and grab from the past as if a writing from the past was only yesterday? Right? As usual, Enjoy it as you can and will. OK?


FWB (11/9/2017)

- Preface –

Can You Curse The Ground?

A long, long time ago, some one person made a decision. That decision was that it is possible that something sacred – of God – can be altered so that it is no longer sacred. That decision has impacted the human race far greater than any decision ever made by any man or woman. It has caused a tremendous loss of blood in sacrifice and untold suffering on the part of all who have decided to obey that decision. How can you obey a decision? By acting in accord with it.

Who made that decision? Amazingly, no one knows. Amazingly, we humans have decided to keep in step with a decision whose authorship is unknown. Let me cite a perspective that offers that something that man can do can alter something sacred: GENESIS: 3:17 - And He (God) said to the man. “You listened to your wife and ate the fruit which I told you not to eat. Because of what you have done, the ground will be under a curse.”

And therein lies the most outrageous decision ever made by any human being – to claim that man has the ability to curse the world by his actions; and yet we have not only believed it, we have dedicated ourselves to it. By the decision of one anonymous author, the human race has been condemned because the human race has believed it.

But do we really believe it? When was the last time that you went outside and looked at the dirt and felt that it is cursed? No one really believes that; and yet the whole world has fallen for the aftermath of the decision that followed. Not only has the ground been under a false curse, but all from the ground has been under a false curse – as if something that man could do can alter the sacred status of his environment.

Realistically, is there anything you could do that could curse the ground upon which you stand? Of course not; and there is nothing that Adam or Eve or any single human being could do that could alter the sacred status of soil and turn it from something good into something less good – and maybe even evil. The terribly sad thing about that decision that was made by a single man is that mankind has been living under the cloud of a fictional curse ever since; and even though, the foundation of the curse is fiction, it has been as if the curse was real.

And what can we do about it today? We can come to terms with it and make another decision and go forward with that other decision and no longer be subject to the original decision. We can decide that the original decision was wrong. We can decide that all life is sacred and all ground is sacred because all life and all ground is of God; and there is nothing that man can do to alter the sacred status of anything. And we can become new Adams and new Eves, throw away the false curse, bend down and kiss the un-cursed ground beneath us – and proudly march back into Eden!

I think that if we ever realize that the loss of Eden is a fiction, we can recover and return to Eden - now, in this life, and for all lives to come. I think I live in a personal Eden now. It is nice; but it is really tragic that almost everyone around me is unaware we are living in Eden.

Can I change any of that terrible perspective? I don't know. My Dad and I talked about that in our last visit together in December of 1965 – prior to his passing in July of 1966. Dad told me: Francis, I don't think you can change anything, but if it means anything at all to you, you have my blessing to try. In truth, that blessing has meant a lot to me. Perhaps without it, I would not have been inspired to challenge the

Myth of the Curse of Adam & Eve.

Note: See my upcoming book - IT'S A NEW DAY! - for the remainder of this article, though I will feature the song included below in a separate blog to be added tomorrow - or soon.  It is called: Adam & Eve.