Happy Anniversary To Us!

We Are All The Same in EQUALITY!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019
Happy Anniversary To Us!


Hello from Nancy and Francis (Will, Frank)!

One year ago, we "married" at Trinity Lutheran Church
here in Laramie, Wyoming. Has anything changed?
Not anything of importance - which is to say we have
not changed at all in terms of worth - and that to me

I guess I have long believed that we all have the same worth,
starting with the proverbial Adam & Eve.
If Adam & Eve failed, it was in failing to realize
their worth did not depend on them.
They wanted more than themselves
because they were not satisfied with themselves;
and they Lost Paradise for doing so.
That is what I Believe.

On another note, I think it is safe to say
that our planned enhancements of my website are done -
or at least almost done. My management team - Crile & Laora -
still have a bit to do, management wise,
but for you, a reader, nothing remains. OK?

So on this Anniversary Date, have at it - if you want.
Insert www.una-bella-vita.com into your web address line -
and check it out. OK?
And one of the changes to my website - in practice -
is to allow for you to add a note of your own - if you want.
By that, I mean, MY BLOG will become OUR BLOG.
Given that I think "your comment" is pertinent to something
I may have written, I will gladly add your comment
after mine. Just let me know if you want your comment
to be added to one of my own - and presto - I will do it.


It is time for Nancy and I to sneak out for an
ANNIVERSARY DINNER! We will be thinking about you
as we celebrate. By "you," I mean EVERYONE!
Like the song I feature below says,
I do believe we are all THE SAME
because we are all equally worthy.
Adam & Eve may have failed to realize that
by so doing, but no one has to follow their lead.
That I Believe!. How about you?

Bye for Now!

Nancy and Francis (Will, Frank)
Laramie, Wyoming

Francis William Bessler
Laramie, Wyoming

I’m the same – as everyone.
I’m the same – and I’m having fun.
I’m the same as you, my friend;
and I’ll be the same – beyond the end.

(The following could be added –
or featured only at end of song.)

You’re the same – as everyone.
You’re the same – you should be having fun.
You’re the same as me, my friend;
and you’ll be the same – beyond the end.

The rule of life is that you will be
just what you allow within your dreams.
Tomorrow will be like today
in the manner of soulful ways.
If you’re kind today, it will be the same
when tomorrow comes, be it night or day;
and if you’re cruel now, you’ll continue on
just as you are when tomorrow comes.
(though it may be skipped too).

People think they need to be different
in order to make life of consequence;
but no matter how much they insist it’s so,
underneath, they’re the same in Nature’s clothes.
If you think you can change the way things are
by finding strength in various wars,
you’re only pretending some life’s not good
and blowing a chance for true brotherhood.
(though it may be skipped too).

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said to Salome,
when he was asked of whom he was a son,
he said, I am one who is from the Same
Light as me, thus having no shame.
And it’s just like that with each of us
from whom we come should be our trust.
Well, we come from Nature and the Divine
and that is what should be our pride.
(though it may be skipped too).

Many people are afraid to die
because they think Nature’s a lie.
They think that death should never be
but that is not the way it seems to me.
I look at life and it seems clear
that all things die – so I should have no fear
of anything beyond because the truth
must be the same for me as it is for you.
(though it may be skipped too).

What will happen when I die?
Probably more of the same as in life.
There is no reason for me to believe
that my soul will change radically.
As I was before, I will become again,
I will see me as virtuous or filled with sin.
If my soul continues – and the notion’s sane,
it will continue on and be the same.
(though it may be skipped too).

So, let us all join and celebrate
the wonder of our common state.
We are the same in what’s there to find.
Our bodies are alike – as too our minds.
What you really are, I am too –
and that, my friend, is a basic truth.
The way I treat you becomes my refrain
simply because we are the same.
(multiple times if wished).