Portfolio - Francis William Bessler

Introduction to Una-Bella-Vita (2012)

Opening Words

Volume One (1963-1984)

Spiritual Marriage

Volume Two (1985-1994)

The Soul

Volume Three (1995-2004)

The “Spiritualogical Sense” of Life and Christ

Volume Four (2005)

Know Christ by Knowing Yourself as a Child of Humanity

Volume Five (2006)

The Infinite and The Divine

Volume Six (2007-2008)

Peace on Earth

Volume Seven (2009-2011)


Volume Eight (Songs: 1963-2011)

Life is Inherently Right, Not Wrong

Volume Nine- Overview

Overview: Volumes 1-8

Volume Ten (2011-2012)

Addendum: A Holistic View of Life—And Jesus

Thomas & Mary Handbook

Presentation: Gospel According to Thomas & Mary Magdalene.

Out in the Open

Volume Briefs