Love You Too, Mikie!

Come Into Life Soon, Antonia!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Love You Too, Mikie!

Hi, Mikie - and My Lovely Daughters! And Everyone!

Mikie and I chatted via cell phone today. Mikie called me a few days ago to thank me for my recent letter - which was a copy of my LAST WILL & TESTAMENT. I shared that writing with a lot of old friends as well as with family. Anyone who wants a copy simply needs to ask. I realize that Last Wills & Testaments are supposed to be private, but I have cast off "private" long ago. My life has always been open - even though my openness has caused many to wish that I had stayed private. LOL! Know what I mean?

Mikie & Melissa, my youngest daughter, were best friends when we lived on Sugarwood Lane in Norcross, Ga. for quite a few years - from 1985 - 2002. Mikie was like the first person to welcome Melissa when Melissa moved in in 1995 or so. I was on the road in those days with my profession as a contract computer programmer; and Melissa became head of household, as it were - deciding to live with Dad for a spell when her previous years were spent with Mom in Florida and Tennessee - until she became 17. From that time to this day, Melissa and Mikie have been "best friends" - though Mikie is probably 4 years younger than Melissa - who is 37. Hummm, that would make Mikie only 33. Right?

Anyway, Mikie called me a few days ago to thank me for including her in my letter list. I told Mikie this morning that I had to include her and her family because we are "like family." Mikie and her sister, Sara, came over often; and Melissa visited them often as well. Mikie and family lived down the road from "The Besslers."

Mikie told me this morning that she and her husband, Austin, are expecting in July. A little girl, Antonia, I believe, will be arriving on July 9th. Let us all congratulate Mikie. Seems like we are "adding to the family." When we visit Melissa in October - as we plan on doing now - Nancy and I will be sure to check out the newest member of the family. Welcome, Antonia!

Gotta go. I am always busy, it seems; but I always try to be busy doing something positive. I try not to get down too much - even though it seems the world around me is collapsing from the weight of pure ignorance. The greatest ignorance, I think, is thinking that the "home of God" is someplace else - and that we have to "earn" an invitation to God's Home.

In my mind, God's Home is everywhere - including where I am sitting right now. It is ridiculous to think that God - an Infinite God - can be missing from anywhere. So, how in the world can it be that I have to "earn" an invitation to join God in some mysterious place at some mysterious time? I know my fellow humans have been led to believe that we are not at home with God now, but I don't believe it - not one single second. How about you? Hey, I say "Hello to God!" every day and every moment simply by breathing and telling God "Thank You, God!" for the breath!

Mikie signed off our little conversation this morning by telling me she "loves me." I know that, Mikie. You showed me that constantly when you came to visit with Melissa in the '90s. Thanks so much for that! Know you are always welcome to come again - no matter where I might be living.

Love You Too, Mikie! Tell Sara and Robin and all the family hello; and tell them to always feel welcome to phone me like you did - or email me at


Your Friend Always, forever - just "down the road."