Una Bella Vita

Will Bessler

Life First

I consider myself to be about Life first - and then about me only within Life. I think my story is the story of all - in terms of natural blessings living in life. I am not alone. I am only one of everyone. To know yourself is to know me - if you really know yourself. Thank you for visiting my website, considering my writings and thinking as you will. Feel welcome to refer any you wish to this site.

About Me

I do not exist in some sort of isolation. I only exist as part of the whole; and that is my main perception of me; but as I am, you are too. Thus, as I see myself, I see others; and as I see others, I see myself.

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Out in the Open

Volumes 1 through 7 feature writings in the order in which they were written, with each volume spanning a certain period of time in my life. Volume 8 features all the songs I have written - but which are also featured in their chronological order in the first 7 volumes. In addition, I wrote a summary OVERVIEW volume and added an ONGOING volume that features extended writings after the original 7 volumes were completed.

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