Una Bella Vita

Will Bessler

Life First

I consider myself to be about Life first - and then about me only within Life. I think my story is the story of all - in terms of natural blessings living in life. I am not alone. I am only one of everyone. To know yourself is to know me - if you really know yourself. Thank you for visiting my website, considering my writings and thinking as you will. Feel welcome to refer any you wish to this site.

About Me

I do not exist in some sort of isolation. I only exist as part of the whole; and that is my main perception of me; but as I am, you are too. Thus, as I see myself, I see others; and as I see others, I see myself.

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Out in the Open

Volumes 1 through 7 feature writings in the order in which they were written, with each volume spanning a certain period of time in my life. Volume 8 features all the songs I have written - but which are also featured in their chronological order in the first 7 volumes. In addition, I wrote a summary OVERVIEW volume and added an ONGOING volume that features extended writings after the original 7 volumes were completed.

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Sorry to say,
due to marketing restrictions,
DVD albums by the author
are no longer available.
The market for DVD albums
has diminished greatly
in the past decade.
In time, the author may provide
an alternate mode of viewing
for some of those past DVDs.
If so, he will provide a link
to whatever is available
in this space.